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  • Health pack for Sinusitis

    Health pack for Sinusitis


  • Package of Medicine For Asthma, Rhinitis, Coryza & Sinusitis

    Package of Medicine For Asthma, Rhinitis, Coryza & Sinusitis



Sinusitis is a medical condition which leads to obstruction of the sinuses with mucus. Consequently, the patient suffers from inflammation in the sinuses. Although it is a common condition of body however it is quite irritating and discomforting. Anyone irrelevant of age and sex may get infected with sinusitis. The risk of occurrence of sinusitis increases in children who suffer from cold or some other viral infections. Similarly, people who suffer from asthma are also to more prone to sinusitis.

Causative factors behind Sinusitis

There are multiple factors which may individually or combined lead to sinusitis. These may include excessive consumption of oily, spicy, hot, cold or dry foods. Similarly, foods that are heavy, indigestible or incompatible may also lead to obstruction of sinuses. Too much exposure to cold, dusty and dry environment may also lead to the problem of sinusitis. Apart from this, suppress.. ion of natural urges and improper lifestyle such as keeping awake late at night also leads to the problem of sinusitis.

Symptoms for Sinusitis

The patients of sinusitis mostly experience heaviness in the head. Some other common symptoms which are experienced in most of the people who suffer from sinusitis are running or stuffy nose and sneezing. Apart from this, some people may also suffer from the problem of cough, decreased sensation of smelling, sinus pain and yellow discharge from the nose and recurrent urge to clear the nose or nasal passage.

Ayurvedic viewpoint about Sinusitis

According to ayurveda, due to provocation of the kapha dosha which is symbolic of water, it starts accumulating in the sinuses thereby obstructing the flow of air or vata. This in turn leads to swelling as well as irritation in the tissues of the sinuses. In the ayurvedic treatment mode, the body energies which are aggravated are liquefied and expelled from the body with the help of some specific herbs. Apart from this, nasal therapies and applications also need to be used to treat the problem of sinusitis.

What Diet & Lifestyle need to be followed to treat sinusitis?

People who suffer from sinusitis must drink lots of lukewarm water as it helps in clearing the blockage in the sinuses and also in thinning of the mucus accumulated in the sinuses. It provides great relief from the inflamed condition of the sinuses. Such people are also advised to eat lots of ginger and garlic as these are rich in medicinal properties and hence helpful in the treatment of sinusitis. Such people are advised to take warm and freshly prepared foods only. Also the foods must be easily digestible. Proper rest and sleep are also essential to get recovered from this condition. Cold foods and beverages must be avoided altogether.

Some Home Remedies

To get instant relief from this condition, sinusitis patients must take steam regularly as it helps in clearing the phlegm. Ginger juice mixed with honey can also be taken to reduce inflammation and irritation. You may put drops of solution into both the nostrils which is prepared by boiling of mustard seeds in water. The water is allowed to boil till it remains half and then allowed to cool.

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