Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation refers to the condition in which males suffer from the problem of early ejaculation of the semen even when the climax during sexual activity is reached. In this case, both partners remain unsatisfied as far as sexual satisfaction is concerned.

Although many males suffer from this problem occasionally due to some circumstantial reasons however when a male suffers from this problem frequently then it is a matter of concern. It is due to the reason that it interferes with the reproductive process as well. Even the interpersonal relations of the two partners are adversely affected due to premature ejaculation.

Causes of Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation may be caused by multiple factors such as mental stress, anxiety, depression or lack of emotional association amid two partners. Even males who have faced conditions of sexual suppression in their life may also suffer from th.. is problem. Some physical diseases are also known to cause premature ejaculation. These include diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, prostatitis and sexually transmitted diseases.

Symptoms of Premature Ejaculation

The sole and the evident symptom of premature ejaculation is the persistent ejaculation of the semen even before diffusion or before the one or both the partners wish to do so.

Ayurvedic theory about Premature Ejaculation

As per ayurvedic theory, premature ejaculation occurs due to intensification in the Pitta and Vata Doshas at the beginning of the physical activity. Since Vata is quick in its nature and is quite sensitive to touch therefore, its increase or intensification at the time of sexual activity makes a person more inclined towards quick ejaculation.

Similarly, Pitta Dosha leads to thinning of the semen and hence becomes a causative factor for early ejaculation.  These increased doshas also lead to hyperactivity of the muscles in male reproductive organs. As a result, the sensitivity of genital organs towards touch increases which results in early ejaculation.

The ayurvedic treatment methods involve balancing of the two doshas by stressing on balanced diet. Apart from this, problems relevant to mental aspect are also cured by use of some herbal formulas.

Diet & Lifestyle Advice suggestions for premature ejaculation

Males suffering the problem of premature ejaculation must avoid foods which aggravate vata and pitta doshas in the body. These foods include salty, spicy, hot and preserved or fermented foods. Even use of garlic, chilies and pickles must be completely avoided.

Such persons should eat sweet foods and those which have a cooling effect on the body. Such people may include purified butter, raisins, licorice, black gram, milk, asparagus and butter in their diet. Even some physical exercises which involve stretching of genital organs may be performed.

Some Home Remedies to prevent premature ejaculation

To make the quality as well as quantity of semen better, you may consume black grams which have been cooked by mixing in milk thoroughly till complete absorption of the milk, in the breakfast.

Apply a paste made by mixing equal quantities of cloves, black pepper in powdered form and camphor on the penis for around half an hour daily. Take two teaspoons of seeds of touch-me-not plant with sugar each morning with milk. It helps in making the genital organs strong.

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