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  • Health Pack For Frigidity

    Health Pack For Frigidity



Frigidity is a medical term which is used to describe long-term lack of sexual desire in a person. The affected person may not like to indulge in sexual activities or may not respond properly during intercourse. Although this condition is found in both males and females equally however the chances of its occurrence in females are more as compared to their counterparts.


Not a single but multiple factors are responsible for frigidity in males and females. These may be physiological, pathological or psychological in nature. Some mental states which fall under psychological factors responsible for frigidity include stress, anxiety, depression, fear, past sexual abuse, guilt feeling about sexual involvement and variance amid the sexual partners. Some other causes which are physiological in nature are pregnancy, menopause, lactation, menstruation, use of birth control pills, injury to the pelvic region and p.. ostnatal periods.


The most common and evident symptom of frigidity is the continuous refusal on the part of one partner to get involved in sexual activity or love making. Lack of enjoyment of sexual activity even after the opposite partner being attractive and enjoyable also indicates the condition of frigidity.

Ayurvedic Viewpoint about frigidity

The line of attack of ayurvedic remedies to treat frigidity includes making a person healthy by employing various herbs. In this process, the toxins accumulated in the body are removed and the body is re-energized by giving tonics and other required medicines. Apart from this, counseling of the two partners on spiritual and mental level is also advocated.

Diet and Lifestyle suggestions to treat frigidity

Some changes in the diet and lifestyle of a person may be quite useful in treating the problem of frigidity. The person suffering from frigidity must enhance the use of some herbs which are known to increase sexual lust especially in females. These herbs include parsley, fennel, anise and sage. Intake of fresh fruits, fruit juices, almonds, prunes, figs, raisins and pistachios.

Use sesame oil to massage your body as it helps in restoring back muscular energy as well as triggers nerves to carry out physical activity. Tea, coffee, processed and packaged foods as well as smoking and alcohol must be avoided. Similarly, polished rice, white flour and whole-wheat flour must also be avoided.

Some Home Remedies

You may try some home remedies as well which help in enhancing sexual drive to a great extent. Take powdered winter cherry with milk continuously for five-six days following menstruation periods. Boil grated ginger in milk for 15-20 minutes at low heat followed by addition of sugar. Take this solution once in a day. Powdered banyan tree can be consumed with milk to deal with the problem of frigidity.

Baba ramdev and his team of workers have worked hard to create an ancient herbal formulation that helps in treating frigidity problem. This herbal formulation by baba ramdev has show significant effects in frigidity.

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