Erectile Dysfunctions

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  • Health Pack For Erectile Dysfunctions

    Health Pack For Erectile Dysfunctions


Erectile Dysfunctions


Erectile dysfunction is also known as impotency or ED in short. It is the inability of males to hold an erection sufficient enough for a proper sexual intercourse.  In other words, it is the failure on the part of a man to achieve an erection so as to satisfy his partner in terms of sexual pleasure. It also interferes with the reproduction process as the person is not able to supply the sperms required for ovulation of eggs in the female partner.

Causes for Erectile Dysfunction

Impotency or ED may be due to many factors such as excessive intake of alcohol or smoking. Sometimes certain physical diseases including diabetes, kidney diseases, spinal diseases, blood clot, heart and vascular diseases or even the rigorous depression are also responsible for ED. Apart from this; severe reaction to some specific drug may also result in impotency. Irrelevant of the.. cause behind ED, it has a negative impact on the sexual as well as personal relations of the two partners.


The symptoms of ED may appear in mild or severe forms. In mild forms, the erection is achieved on some occasions while it is completely absent at some other times. But the achieved erection is not hard and raised enough to perform intercourse. In the severe form of ED, the erection is completely absent at all the times.


Ayurveda about Erectile Dysfunction

As per ayurvedic viewpoint, ED is mainly a condition which is faced by males due to low levels of energies in their bodies. So ayurveda aims at attacking the root cause and uses some therapies and herbal formulas to raise energy levels in the body which are sufficient enough for males to take active part in sexual activity and perform it successfully.    

Diet and Lifestyle for ED 

Males suffering from ED must stick to a healthy and balanced diet plan. They must include fruits, vegetables, cereals, whole-wheat flour and foods rich in Vitamins A and D in their meals. It helps in providing complete nourishment to all the parts of body including sexual organs and hence helps them in carrying out their respective tasks properly. Such people should completely abstain from smoking and alcohol.  Carry our regular exercises. Brisk walking is the simplest exercise that can be performed by anyone. Reduce your weight in case you are obese. Keep free from stress and tension.


Few suggestible Home Remedies for ED

Take a mixture of honey and walnuts in equal proportions once a day after half an hour of the meals followed by drinking of milk. Raw garlic cloves may be chewed regularly to treat ED. Have dates, quince seeds, pistachio nuts and almonds in equal quantities daily to cure impotency. Onion also helps in increasing sexual desire and makes reproductive system strong. Powder made from dried Peepal fruits is equally effective in the treatment of ED.

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