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Is obesity a disease? How to get rid of it?

Obesity is a condition of body in which the concerned person is overweight. It is due to accumulation of fats in the body in excessive amounts. This condition is mostly found when the amount of calories consumed by the body is more than the amount of calories burnt by it. The amount of excessive calories gets stored in the body in the form of fats and leads to the condition of obesity.

Although obesity is not considered a disease in medical science however it is a causative factor for multiple diseases such as diabetes, kidney problems, heart diseases, liver damage and arthritis. That is why it is always advised to control weight and prevent obesity and the relevant diseases.

Basic reasons for obesity

As already mentioned, obesity is caused due to imbalance amid the calories consumed by the body and the amount of calories bu.. rnt by it. It happens when a person includes excessive amount of fats and calories in his diet. Even deskbound lifestyle is also responsible for this imbalance.

This imbalance may also be caused by some other factors such as those related to culture, hormones, hereditary, environment, behavior etc. Sometimes obesity by may cause by some unavoidable medical conditions such as pregnancy, endocrine disorders, tumors and medications including estrogens, insulin, corticosteroids and psychotic drugs.

Signs and Symptoms of obesity

There are some clear indicatives of obesity in a person such as laziness, fatigue, increased body fat, shortness of breath when exposed to exertion and excessive sweating which is mostly foul-smelling.

Ayurvedic Viewpoint

Ayurveda calls obesity as Medarog. It is mainly caused due to increase in the Kapha dosha. Since nature of Kapha Dosha is wet, heavy, dense and sticky therefore the toxins produced as a result of aggravated Kapha dosha are also heavy and dense.

The toxins thus produced get deposited in the weaker channels of the body including fat channels or Medovahi srotas and leads to their obstruction. As a result, the production of fat tissue is enhanced and leads to an increase in the weight. This is how a person becomes obese. The Ayurveda stresses on exclusion of such foods from the diet of a person which aggravate the Kapha dosha.

Diet & Lifestyle suggestions for obesity

The diet and lifestyle play an important role in case of obesity in a person. Obese people should increase intake of fruits, vegetables and salads in their diet. They should prefer bitter vegetables such as drumsticks and bitter gourd. They should prefer whole-wheat flour over refined flour and brown rice over normal rice to control their weight.

Any foods which are rich in carbohydrates, oils, or fats must be completely avoided. As an example, obese people must avoid potato, polished rice, butter, cheese, ghee, cream, purified butter and whole-milk yogurt. Follow a regular exercise regimen. Go for walks in morning and evening. Carry out as much physical activity as possible. It helps in burning the extra calories deposited in the body in the form of fats. Yoga and meditation are equally beneficial.

Effective Home Remedies for obesity

You may take water in which mint leaves have been boiled for half an hour. Add honey plus black pepper to it when it gets cooled and drink it two times a day on an empty stomach. You may also try lime juice, black pepper and honey mixed in warm water two times a day on an empty stomach. 

Baba Ramdev have always laid stress on fitness of the body. One should have normal fat distribution in the body otherwise it may cause various disturbances which may lead to countless body problems like high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels (diabetes), heart problems, etc. hence to resolve this obesity concerns he devised a herbal formulation that helps in reducing the body fat and weight naturally. This herbal health pack for obesity is extremely beneficial in treating allied problems of obesity also.

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