Vata Dosha


As regards the explanation of Vata, it is known as the Wind. Vata in fact is the combination of air and ether in our bodies. Air goes on moving while ether bears the spacey feature.

Vata may be referred to as the power of thrust that controls our all movements, e.g. thoughts, nerves, desires and even the muscles. This delicate dosha is prone to fluctuations and does not remain stable. People suffering from this particular dosha often go out of balance because of deficiencies of the requisite nutrients. When normal in terms of Vata, they behave in a usual manner but when Vata is imbalanced, they are seen to be inconsistent and disseminated too.  


Doshas, i.e. Vatta, Pitta and Kapha are responsible for normal functioning of our physique. Vata is meant for spending the energy while Pitta and Kapha manage and store it respectively. It is important that ka.. pha and pitta cannot just move without Vata, the major dosha that controls all our activities including heart beating, blinking of eyes, jumping and talking with your hands etc.

People challenged with fluctuation of Vata suffer because of the imbalanced air and ether and often behave in a different manner. They are easily carried away with the irregular flow of air in their bodies that disturbs their activities frequently resulting in dry skin because of rough, cold and dry features.


The imbalanced Vata results in the indifferent behaviour of the concerned persons who are observed to be acting in surprising ways. They repeatedly become inconsistent and return to their normal position too without much delay because of the fluctuation of Vata.


As far as Ayurveda is concerned, Vata is referred to as Air or Wind that controls our bodies. Normal flow of air in our physique keeps us in a balanced position while its irregularity may lead us to unusual situations, making us to behave indifferently.

Diet and Lifestyle Advice

We must keep our cool and remain stable at all times for which the level of Vata should be kept intact. Self-regulation in terms of Vata is a must for which we must protect ourselves from dryness because of less consumption of water, avoiding timely meals / exercises / fruits etc. It is recommended that we should mould ourselves to the changed situations and also go in for yoga, simple foods, seasonal fruits and take sufficient quantity of water. However, we must stay away from beans that exaggerate Vata. 

Few home remedies

Pranayama, yoga practice and meditation are the wonderful steps that keep the level of Vata in an apt scale. Warm foods, ghee and oils help us to fight cold and keep dryness away from our bodies. Vata can be balanced through Vata Tea, Abhyanga, sufficient rest, early sleeping habits and simple foods. However, one should remain away from excessive drinks, smoking and stress that invite imbalanced Vata.


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