Stri Rasayan Vati – For menstrual problems

Stri Rasayan Vati – For menstrual problems

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Menstrual Problems


Like all other processes in human beings, menstruation or menstrual cycles are also an important part of a woman’s life. It is a natural phenomenon in which females have to experience or suffer from bleeding from their genital organs. Although some problems are natural during menstrual periods such as headache, nausea or general body weakness but some females suffer from some specific problems related to menstrual cycles.

All these problems are referred to as menstrual problems in general. These problems may include excessive or prolonged bleeding, absence of bleeding, delayed bleeding or painful contractions in abdomen during menstrual periods and such other problems which are linked with menstruation or bleeding in females. There are some specific causes for each type of problem.

Some of the common causes that lead to different types of menstrual problems are improper eating habits or intake of foods responsible for menstrual problems. These foods may include heavy, sour, salty and spicy foods plus meat of domestic and fatty animals. Consumption of alcoholic beverages and digestive problems also lead to menstrual problems.

Some other conditions such as excessive physical exertion, overindulgence in sexual activity, repeated abortions, day time sleeping and mental disturbance also lead to menstrual problems. Even some psychological conditions including stress, anxiety, anger and lust also lead to menstrual problems.


The major symptom of menstrual problems is the excessive bleeding from genital organs. The bleeding continues for extended time-periods. These problems are accompanied by pain in body and burning sensation in the back, sides, pelvic region and lower portion of groin. The concerned women may also suffer from anemia, heart palpitations, light-headedness, fatigue and numbness in hands and feet.

Ayurvedic Viewpoint

As per ayurvedic conception, due to improper diet and indigestion, the toxins are produced. These toxins are passed through blood stream to different body channels and hence lead to obstructions. As a result, the Vata Dosha gets intensified and Rakta Dhatu is also affected negatively. Impure blood is brought to the channels due to provocation of Vata Dosha which results in excessive bleeding problems in women. Ayurveda stresses on proper diet, meditation and yoga to keep all body parts and organs which have direct link with menstrual cycles, in proper working order.

Diet & Lifestyle Advice

All the foods which lead to aggravation in the symptoms of menstrual problems must be avoided. Intake of tea, coffee, alcoholic drinks as well as cold drinks must be completely stopped. Peppermint tea may be preferred over these drinks as it has cooling effect and calms down the symptoms of menstrual problems.

Do not carry out any stressful physical or mental activity and especially during menstrual periods. To calm down your body and get relief from the symptoms of menstrual problems, take cool showers. You may even use sandalwood for bathing purpose as it has cooling effects on the body. Keep your legs and feet elevated while sleeping during menstrual cycles.  

Effective Home Remedies

You may make a paste of shoe-flowers by mixing them in milk and honey. Take this paste with lukewarm water or milk once a day to get relief from the symptoms of menstrual problems. Before commencement of menstrual periods, start consuming honey to which mint juice has been mixed. Take it twice a day to have normal and painless periods.

You may also try another effective home remedy which requires heating of butter in a pan followed by frying of shoe-flowers in it. Eat the shoe-flowers with hot milk when these cool down.

Baba Ramdev and his team of qualified doctors have prepared herbal medicine that helps in treating all kinds of menstrual problems face by women. These medicine are safe and can be used by women of all ages.

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