Renal Failure

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    Package For Chronic Renal Failure



Like all other vital organs of the body such as heart, liver and digestive system, kidneys also play an important part in body’s function. These help in excretion of waste materials from the body via urine. A network of glomuleri is associated with kidneys which help in filtering the blood.

These also help in recycling of the useful electrolyte such as sodium, potassium and bicarbonate. Out of these, the waste materials are excreted with the help of kidneys via urine. Renal failure occurs when kidneys stop filtering the blood due to which the balance of electrolytes in the kidneys is disturbed. These waste materials which keep on circulating in the body prove to be harmful for the body.


There are multiple causes for renal failure such as dehydration, decrease in the blood flow due to numbers of heart diseases, high blood pressure, endocarditis, use of certain medications such as diuretics, a.. ntibiotics etc.

Symptoms of Renal Failure

Symptoms of Renal Failure can be noticed only when toxicity starts developing in the blood. Therefore, it becomes difficult to diagnose this problem easily at home. Some of the symptoms of renal failure include confusion, nausea, excessive thirst and pain in the posterior area along the sides. Apart from this, the patient also suffers from swelling in the extremities such as feet and lower parts of the legs.

Ayurvedic viewpoint about renal failure

As per ayurveda, the renal failure occurs due to obstruction in the subtle channels of the body. These are known as srotas and in case of kidneys these srotas are known as mutravaha srotas. These help in carrying liquids into and out of kidneys. Due to obstruction of these srotas, the flow of liquid is into the kidneys is slowed down due to which these start shrinking and hence become unable to filter out toxins.

On the other hand, if flow of liquids in the outgoing channels is blocked, there is swelling in the kidneys. Ayurvedic line of treatment includes providing strength to the kidneys, normalizing the working of the kidneys as well as restoration of filtering capacity of the kidneys.

Diet and Lifestyle for Renal Failure

To keep kidneys in proper working condition, the patients should drink lots of water. It helps in clearing out toxins from the body as well as increase the filtration capacity of the kidneys. Apart from this, the person should pay attention to his diet as well. Intake of fruits and green vegetables must be increased.

Fried, oily and junk foods should be avoided as these lead to deposition of fats in the channels of the kidneys and hence affect the working of kidneys adversely.  People suffering from renal failure must include foods that are low in potassium in their diet. Some of these foods include carrots, strawberries, apples, cabbage, green beans and cabbage. On the other hand, some foods must be avoided such as bananas, spinach, potatoes, oranges and tomatoes as these are high in potassium content.  

Few home remedies for Renal Failure

People suffering from renal failure must reduce the amount of salt in their diet. They should also avoid canned soups, salty snacks, processed and fast foods. Radish is a wonderful home remedy to treat renal failure. You can take radish juice 2-3 times daily.  

With some combination of ayurvedic herbs Baba Ramdev has devised an herbal formulation that may be effective in treating renal problems especially chronic renal failure.

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