Pyorrhoea is an oral condition in which bleeding in the gums is noticed. It is due to infection and inflammation of the ligaments and bones which provide support to the teeth.  The gums and teeth get attacked by the bacillus and start reproducing and depositing on the remains of the foods which get stuck in the gaps amid the teeth and gums.

As a result, the gums suffer from the problem of infection and inflammation. Even pus can be noticed in the gums. Due to pyorrhoea, a person may suffer from the problem of bad breath and tooth loss as well as slow wearing down of the jaw bone. 

Causes of Pyorrhoea

Some of the common causes of Pyorrhoea are improper use of toothpicks, bacterial infection in the teeth, injury to the gums and other structures supporting them, allergy, wrong feeding habits and sticking of food particles in between the teeth. Even pregnancy and constant use of contraceptive pills also some.. times leads to pyorrhoea.

Apart from this, mental states such as tension or stress, improper diet, improper cleaning of teeth, excessive smoking and use of alcohol plus deficiency of Vitamin C are among major causes of this oral condition.

Symptoms of Pyorrhoea

Pyorrhoea is mostly characterized by pain in the gums while eating, bad breath, pus in the teeth, swelling or stiffness in the gums and improper functioning of the stomach or constipation. Under the condition of pyorrhoea, the patient may also suffer from liver problems, bleeding of the gums, loosening of teeth, and inflammation of the gums. Pyorrhoea is also accompanied by symptoms such as gingival itchiness and reaction, piercing of the teeth with decay and appearance of sepsis which affects the entire system adversely.

Ayurvedic viewpoint about Pyorrhea

According to ayurveda, pyorrhea is mainly caused due to disturbance in the energies of the body. The chief reason behind occurrence of pyorrhea is poor digestion. Due to undigested food, the toxins are produced in the stomach, which are circulated through blood to the entire body and these lead to infection in the areas of their accumulation.

Diet and Lifestyle Advice

The most important point in this regard is to take proper care of dental hygiene. The teeth must be brushed twice a day and mouth should be rinsed after every meal. Take foods rich in Vitamin C to prevent this problem.  Lemon and green guavas are rich source of Vitamin C and hence can be used regularly to keep teeth and gums in food health.

Also pay attention to your diet. You must include all the fruits, vegetables, cereals and pulses in your diet to provide proper nourishment to the teeth and gums. Also drink lots of water to keep your digestive system free of toxins and flush out waste materials from the body. It helps in prevention of bacterial growth.

Effective home remedies for Pyorrhea

To stop bleeding of the gums, eat a ripe banana daily. You should also consume the threadlike substance inside the peel. You may use oranges as well. The teeth and gums can be rubbed with the skin of oranges to treat pyorrhoea. You may also use an effective home remedy which consists of drinking spinach and carrot juice regularly.

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