Psoriasis is a disorder of the skin. Although it is a non-communicable disease however it is an irritable condition of the skin under which the skin cells multiply or reproduce at rapid rate due to which the skin becomes red in color. There is thickness of the skin as well which results in dry patches of the skin.

Even there is appearance of dry flakes and scales on the skin. These flakes and scales are produced as a result of the fast reproduction of the skin cells. Although psoriasis may affect any part of the body however it is commonly found on the skin of knees, scalp and elbows.

Why does Psoriasis happen?

Psoriasis may occur due to multiple causative factors such as distress in the skin in the form of bruises, cuts or burns. Some people suffer from psoriasis due to family history of the disease or you can say they get it in their inheritance.

Even excessive smoking and consumption of al.. cohol may also be one of the causes of psoriasis. Mental stress or reactions due to some specific drugs and intake of incompatible foods such as milk and fish also leads to psoriasis.

Sign and Symptoms for Psoriasis

The most apparent symptoms of psoriasis are itching and burning sensation on the skin plus bumps on the skin which are filled with pus. Patients also suffer from emotional trauma and limited movements of the joints. There is appearance of loose scales on the skin which are silver in color. The skin becomes red accompanied by pain and inflammation on the skin. Dry skin patches, bleeding from the patches and skin blisters are also some other symptoms of psoriasis.

Ayurvedic Viewpoint

As per ayurvedic theory, psoriasis is caused by imbalance of the Pitta and Vata Doshas. It leads to production of toxins which get accumulated in the muscles, blood, lymphatic tissues and nutrient plasma. As a result, the deeper tissues of skin become infective and hence lead to psoriasis. Ayurveda treats psoriasis by purifying the blood and the concerned tissues. Also digestive system is normalized so as to remove waste materials from the body. 

Suggestions for Diet & Lifestyle for Psoriasis

People suffering from Psoriasis must avoid foods which aggravate the condition. These foods include oily, spicy, pungent, junk, fermented and salty foods. Also opposite foods such as milk and fish plus milk and salt must be avoided. Have foods which are easily digestible. Do not consume sesame, curds, fish, radish and jaggery. Natural urges shouldn’t be suppressed. Day time sleeping must be avoided. Cold water bath following a heavy workout must be avoided.

Effective Home Remedies

Bitter gourd juice when taken on an empty stomach in the morning proves to be a great home remedy for psoriasis. Even lime juice may be added to the juice. Place a thin banana leaf on the affected body part. You may also apply soap nut by boiling it in water, on the affected body part. Drink water in which sesame seeds have been soaked for the night. Take it on an empty stomach in the morning.

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