Power Height Capsules

Power Height Capsules

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Increase height naturally

Height of an individual is determined by measuring the total length of the body right from bottom of feet to top of the head. A person with good height is regarded as a perfect individual. People with good height are always admired by others as they have a good personality. But sometimes due to certain reason height of a person gets restricted and person becomes short. There are many reasons which cause this problem.

Power height capsules

Power height capsules are an ayurvedic herbal preparation that may trigger the growth hormone to increase height. Power height capsules are a result of hard research and development that has been tested clinically. It also helps in over all development of the body and makes body active.

Ingredients of Power height capsules

Each 500 mg cap contains extracts from

  1. Amla (Fr) 50 mg
  2. Shunti (Rz) 50 mg
  3. Aswagandha (Rt) 100 mg
  4. atmagupta (Sd) 100 mg
  5. Kasisa bhasma 50 mg
  6. Khatika churna 50 mg
  7. Abhraka bhasma 50 mg
  8. Jasad bhasma 20 mg
  9. Raupya bhasma 5 mg
  10. Shuddha Shilajit 25 mg

How you can increase your height and become taller

  1. Cycling And Sleeping
  2. Stretching Exercises
  3. Correct Posture
  4. Breathing
  5. Sunlight
  6. Massage
  7. Hanging Exercises For Good Health
  8. Leg Kick
  9. Get Enough Calcium And Zinc
  10. Fruits And Vegetables
  11. Starches And Grains
  12. Avoid Saturated Fats And Drugs
  13. Drink Water
  14. Frequent, Smaller Meals
  15. Proper Rest

How Power height capsules works.

  1. Power height herbal capsules helps in opening the closed growth plates.
  2. It can also open the growth plates even after the child hood or teenage years has passed as body opens the growth plates during these years only.
  3. Helps in proving nourishment to bones like essential minerals and vitamins that helps you to become tall.
  4. Power height capsules supplies all the required bone food so that they may grow to make you tall.
  5. Helps in stimulating the pituitary gland to secrete growth hormone naturally.

How should I expect the results from herbal power height capsules?


  1. First month – The first month is the recovery or the deficiency supplement phase. In this our body starts experiencing the energy. You feel energetic in doing your day to day work. Fatigue level decreases. You feel happy and active while doing your daily routine work. This happens so because your bones and body starts getting the required essential minerals and other nutrients. Also power height capsules help in supplementing the essential amino acids and calcium that is required otherwise for growth.
  2. Next two months – the bones and the body muscles starts developing and you start seeing changes in the body. You may also notice difference in your body. Your body tends to gain height during this phase.
  3. Next three months – In this phase you will notice height changes. Your height start increasing and you start growing tall. Your body is also energetic and skin also starts glowing.

Recommended usage

Power height capsules are herbal capsules and can be consumed by all age groups and by both the genders. We recommend that power height capsules should be used at least between 6 months to one year. Being herbal the results are slow but it is for sure that you may feel changes during and after the course. We advise that you must do some cardiovascular exercises during this period of medication for best results.


One to two capsules with milk two times a day.


Power height capsules for all the ages and gender if taken in prescribed dosage. There are no contraindications otherwise. Not recommended to pregnant ladies. 

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