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What is Piles - Known as haemorrhoids, this ailment may be referred to as the particular areas in the anal where the tissues containing many blood vessels get swollen. They normally exist either in the outer portion of our anus or inside it causing pain, bleeding, redness, irregular defecation, discharge from the anus / in the faeces, anaemia and headache etc. Similarly, the haemorrhoids also exist in the same shape and form while the haemorrhoidal veins can be seen at the bottom of the anus and rectum. Swelling of these veins leads to their enlargement and irritation during the bowel movements.

Internal haemorrhoids can’t be seen as they exist inside the anus and do cause much pain because of the pain-sensing nerves in the rectum. However, there could be bleeding that could be observed in the shape of their enlargement and protruding in the outer portion of the anus. This type is painful due to irritation because of rubbing with the cloth and while sittin.. g. External haemorrhoids can be felt outside the anus and normally exist when passing the stool. This is the most alarming form of the piles in appearance but not so serious in actual as they normally get resolved approx within one week. The heightened form of haemorrhoids can be got rid of through surgery.

Symptoms – Patients suffering from Piles or haemorrhoids are often seen with bleeding, irritation, itching, pain, redness in the outer anus, headache, discharge / defecation and anaemia etc. 

Reasons – More than half of the population around the world suffers from Piles or haemorrhoids that are often caused due to weakness in the veins or some inherited features. It is observed more in the older people. The pregnant ladies are also prone to this disease that causes irritation. The main cause of piles could be long standing or sitting situations, coughing, vomiting, sneezing, holding the breath for long during physical work etc. Processed and junk foods invite this disease. Eatables with less quantity of fibre are also prone to constipation thereby resulting in piles or haemorrhoids due to strain on the stool and its hardening.

Treatment – Medical advice from the qualified physician is a must as he or she will examine you thoroughly to see whether the painful effects are due to the internal / external haemorrhoids or some other similar diseases that result in bleeding and irritation etc.

Suppositories, ointments and some soothing creams could be the best medications for treatment of inflammation and swelling at the earliest. Sitting in warm water for approx fifteen minutes after frequent intervals is also an alternative to get relief from the painful effects of piles. Laxatives are also helpful to get rid of constipation leading to piles. Pregnant women suffering from this ailment are advised to consult the qualified doctors.  

Sclerotherapy or Injection, Banding, Cauterisation or
Coagulation is also the suitable treatments to say NO to piles or haemorrhoids. Surgery is the last alternative for this disease if it exists in an aggravated form.

We can avoid Piles or haemorrhoids by taking high-fibre food, fruits but keeping away from excessive smoking/alcohol. Simple exercises/long walks also help in keeping this disease at distance.

Piles can be resolved with the help of swami Ramdev medicines. These herbal supplements and medicines prepared by divya pharmacy helps in resolving the issues of piles and thus improve the colon condition. These are also helpful in improving digestion.

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