Patanjali Sun Screen

Patanjali Sun Screen

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Protect your skin against sun rays with Patanjali sunscreen cream
Besides other factors, large scale damage is caused to our skin due to exposure to sun. It is because sunlight has UV rays that are harmful for the skin. These result in great damage to the skin due to which the skin suffers from numerous issues. There may be tanning of the skin. Even some people may complain of excessive dryness of the skin due to exposure to sun light. There is itching, irritation, inflammation as well as redness on the skin. To protect your skin against any damage, you must use some safe and effective sunscreen formula that may keep your skin in its original condition.

Patanjali sunscreen cream is apt in this regard as it offers complete protection to the skin against any damage. It doesn’t cause any harm to the skin in any way due to its ayurvedic origin. It is an SPF 30 formula that is quite effective in forming a protective layer on the skin so that the same may remain protected against any harm due to exposure to sunlight.
Chief constituents of Patanjali sunscreen cream

Various herbal constituents of this skin care formula are wheat oil, aloe Vera, coconut oil, cucumber, Manjishtha, Amba haldi, methi, turmeric and base material. All these herbal constituents are effective in promoting good health of the skin in their own unique ways.

How to use Patanjali sunscreen cream?
It is advisable to use this sunscreen formula at least 20 minutes before going out in the sun. It is to be applied on properly cleansed skin thoroughly while massaging gently so that it may get absorbed into the skin. It may be repeated after 7-8 hours, if so required.

Benefits offered by Patanjali sunscreen cream

Patanjali sunscreen cream is beneficial for the skin in various ways as stated below.

1) As indicated by the name, Patanjali sunscreen cream is helpful in keeping your skin protected against any damage caused due to exposure to sunlight. The ingredients present in this cream are efficient in offering a protective layer to the skin.

2) Apart from protecting skin against damage, this wonderful skin care formula also helps in nourishing the skin cells deeply. It is again attributed to the presence of some of the most excellent herbal or natural ingredients present in this cream.

3) The skin complexion is also improved using Patanjali sunscreen cream. This feature is particularly beneficial for such people who suffer from dark complexion.

4) The skin is made soft, smooth and supple and hence its natural beauty is enhanced automatically.

5) Patanjali sunscreen cream also helps in keeping skin properly moisturized. This in turn prevents unnecessary dryness of the skin that may be caused due to exposure to sunlight.

6) The skin is revitalized and refreshed completely so as to enhance youthful glow on the skin.

7) The damage caused to the skin cells due to exposure to sunlight is also reversed with the regular use of this sunscreen formula that is properly based on ayurvedic principles.

Patanjali sunscreen cream is a very good herbal product from Divya pharmacy of Swami Ramdev Ji. It can be used by anyone and especially those who remain exposed to sunlight for long time periods.

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