Parkinson's disease

The human brain is an integral part that needs to be protected from any adverse effect as it controls our all activities. It is the brain that enables us to think about anything and decide the course of actions. The nerve junctions, also called ganglia located at the base of the brain play an important role by affecting the movements of the body and muscle control too. Slow decline in these junctions leads to the Parkinson’s disease, the worse position of our brain. The limbs and hands are prone to trembling while the muscles take rest. 

Candidly, Parkinson’s disease relates to the disorder of progressive nerve system, i.e. speaking and writing power, movements and other activities that are controlled by the brain. This ailment may be called as Movement Disorders, e.g. Tourette syndrome, ataxia and cerebral palsy etc. Large numbers of people across suffer from this disease.   

It is worth mentioning that males run more risk of the Parkinson’s disea.. se than their female counterparts, i.e. higher by fifty percent.     



– You must have seen some people with the trembling hands. They also signs of stiffness that obstruct their movements in an orderly manner that is known as bradykinesia. Parkinson’s diseases leads to weakness of the muscles and the patients suffer from abnormal postures. Moreover, some persons suffer from fixed faces that show no expression at all. They may look blank as far as their facial appearance is concerned. This is because of loss of control over movement and coordination of the facial muscles.  


Progressive supranuclear pasly, multiple system atrophy, encephalitis, corticobasal degeneration, stroke, Lewy body dementia, head trauma and drug-induced Parkinsonism are the clear signs of Parkinson’s disease. People with the adversely affected voices are also considered as Parkinson’s disease patients while few of them suffer from loss of smell-sense.  


Some of the chief causes of Parkinson’s disease include hardening of the arteries which leads to the brain, weakening of the brain cells, after effects of the severe attacks of encephalitis or may be poisoning, and decrease in the production of chemical named dopamine, which is responsible for transmission of messages.

Ayurvedic viewpoint

In ayurveda, Parkinson’s disease is known as ‘Kampa Vata’. It is mainly caused due to increase in Vata Dosha which is somewhat dry and deteriorating in nature. Enhanced vata gets relocated to weaker channels of the body such as brain cells or arteries which lead to the brain. It leads to destruction in the brain cells and hence cause the condition named as Parkinson’s disease.

Diet and Lifestyle advice

Patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease must take low protein diet and raw organic diet which is rich in antioxidants. Fresh fruits such as apple, grapes, orange, pineapples and their juices are the best options. Similarly, vegetables such as cabbage, spinach, tomato, and carrot must be included in diet. Even juices of these vegetables may be taken. The diet of such patients must also contain sprouts, nuts and grains. Some gentle exercises do lots of good. Meditation may also be done to keep mind free from stress and anxiety.

Home remedies for Parkinson’s disease

Patients suffering from Parkinson’s may drink raw milk to prevent symptoms of the disease. Sesame seeds and sesame seed butter proves to be quite useful in treatment of the disease. You may also take larkspur by boiling it in water. It may be taken 3-4 times daily. To enhance blood circulation in the brain, you may take Ginko Biloba.

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