The bone joints work smoothly because of the cartilage that exists in the shape of a layer that enables the joints to make convenient movements. The cushioned ends of the bones with this layer of cartilage helps in easy moving of the joints but with the passage of time or due to other reasons, the cartilage layer is thinned and leads to Osteoarthritis, i.e. the deteriorated position that is unable to protect the joints in a fitting manner. Usually known by OA, this disease can affect any person regardless of his or her age but normally the persons over 45 suffer much due to this particular ailment that leaves the bones in a fragile and brittle condition sometimes leading to breakage.

Signs – Stiffness in the joints is a clear sign of Osteoarthritis that makes the sufferers to move freely as their bone joints are unable to work efficiently. Though this disease may not affect suddenly but the pain caused by it is too acute and the people suffer badly. Walkin.. g, opening jars or climbing upstairs may be too difficult if anyone suffers from Osteoarthritis, the painful condition due to weakened joints of the bones. Normal activities become too difficult for the patients who need to check the same in the beginning itself or be ready for serious complications.

Reasons – Though there are no clear causes of this disease that puts the patients to big problems, yet their movements are affected greatly with Osteoarthritis that leaves them in difficult conditions. Usually, this problem affects as under –

Hips – Lifting of heavy loads, prior injuries to the hip, extra weight lead to this harmful disease that affects the movements of the joints in an adverse manner.

Knees – Likewise, the injuries to the knees in the past, squatting/climbing and becoming overweight may lead to Osteoarthritis that puts adverse effects on the knees.

Hands – We come across many people whose hands often tremble is said to be suffering from OA and it could be an inherited disease.

Ayurvedic viewpoint

Diet & Lifestyle Advice for Osteoarthritis

People suffering from osteoarthritis must avoid foods which aggravate the condition. These include preserved, fermented, cold, packaged and cold foods. Such patients must always have warm, light and freshly prepared foods always. Natural urges must be released instantly. Gentle exercises such as swimming, walking and yoga may be carried out regularly while remaining in one’s physical limits. Weight must be controlled. At the same time, it shouldn’t be too low or too high as both conditions are equally risky for such patients.

Effective Home Remedies

Ginger tea is quite effective for osteoarthritis patients as it provides relief from pain and inflammation in the joints. Joints which experience severe pain must be massaged with warm sesame oil. It helps in enhancing blood circulation and hence reduces stiffness in the joints. Drink a decoction made by mixing fenugreek seeds in water and which has been kept for an overnight. Have it early in the morning.

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