Undoubtedly, sex is the basis of all humans and other living beings on this earth. Birth of the living creatures depends upon the reproduction capacity of the males. Men with less quantity of sperm in their semen are said to be suffering from Oligospermia that damages their productiveness. Ejaculation of sperm below twenty million per ml is the clear sign of this disease that need to be checked in the initial stage failing which it may lead to total infertility.

Symptoms – Reduced number of sperms in males’ semen is the clear symptom of Oligospermia that sometimes results in complete infertility and the inability to reproduce children. Women always desire to have children that are possible by bedding with their husbands or their beloved friends that must be capable of reproduction. However, the few unlucky males lack on account of this capability that hinders them from doing so due to low level of sperms.

The Ayuredic perception .. - As per the Ayurvedic study, Oligospermia is similar to impotency or Napunsakata, the Ayurvedic term that is caused due to low level of sperms, excessive outflow of tissues responsible for reproduction, old age and other factors.

Reasons – Vasectomy and testicular trauma often result in reduction of sperm regular flow. Sexually transmitted ailments, infection and scarring because of surgery on the reproductive system of the males also invite Oligospermia. Obesity, testicles ailments, disorders of the hormones or varicoceles also increases this disease. The persons with low weight are also prone to this problem that gets aggravated with stress, use of alcohol or drugs and cigarettes. Malnutrition, use of toxins and excessive stress also result in Oligospermia that occurs due to Gonorrhea or Chalmydia etc.

Treatment – It is suggested that the persons suffering from Oligospermia consult the experienced physicians that are capable of conducting their physical examination and suggesting suitable medications for proper treatment. The doctors generally conduct semen analysis for assessing the count of sperms and the quality too. The patients are tested in terms of sexually transmitted diseases and infection too that may also lead to Oligospermia, the serious ailment. 

After the requisite tests are over, the patients are suggested to take certain medicines that enable them to recover from this disease, enhance the number of sperms and gain the capability to produce children through the female partners.

Home remedies – Mixture of garlic paste with warm milk, almonds, quince seeds and pistachio etc gives effective results to say NO to this unfortunate disease that can be cured with honey, butter and licorice.

Other methods – It is recommended that the weight is controlled in a suitable manner. The men should be neither too fatty nor underweight. Smoking, hot tubs, alcohol, tight underwear and junk foods etc also invite this ailment that can be cured by avoiding the same. Intake of vitamins C and E also help to cure it effectively.

Sticking to high-fibre foods, simple exercises, yoga and long walks are also helpful in increasing the sperm count that helps in reproductive sex by the males. 

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