Multiple Sclerosis


Multiple Sclerosis or MS in short, is an autoimmune disease. It is a chronic neurological disorder.  In this disease, the padding or filling which is known as myelin sheath of the nerve cell fibers of the brain and spinal cord get damaged. This padding or covering is found around the nerve fibers of the spinal cord, brain and optic nerve. It leads to various malfunctions and disturbances in the central nervous system.

The most common disturbance is found in the form of delayed, obstructed or unclear transmission of the messages from brain and the spinal cord. Mostly, people in the early years of their life suffer from this problem. It is more commonly found in women as compared to men.

Causes of Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis may be caused by various factors such as autoimmune reaction, genetic factors, and viral attack, combined effects of autoimmune disorders as well as viruses, mental.. distress and exposure to cold climate.

Symptoms which indicate towards Multiple Sclerosis

Some of the common symptoms of multiple sclerosis include eye troubles, numbness and weakness of limbs, excessive fatigue, loss of balance and co-ordination, remissions and degeneration and loss of bladder control and difficulties in speaking.

Multiple Sclerosis from Ayurvedic viewpoint

According to ayurveda, multiple sclerosis is mainly a body energy disorder. It occurs due to problems in digestion which leads to formation of toxins in the body. Consequently, the subtle body channels are obstructed due to which the movement of various body energies is also impaired. And neuromuscular disorders are a result of this energy distortion.  The main aim of ayurveda in relation to treatment of multiple sclerosis is to remove toxins from the body and normalize the digestive fire. It is done by using herbal formulas.

Diet and Lifestyle advocacy for Multiple Sclerosis

To prevent the occurrence of Multiple Sclerosis, the youngsters are advised to stick to a healthy and balanced diet right from the early young years of their age. They must include green leafy vegetables, fruits, salads, cereals, nuts like almonds and whole-grains in their diet. Fruits such as cherries and strawberries are especially beneficial in this regard. Similarly, vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes and radish are useful.

Dairy products such as cottage cheese and butter are also preferred to prevent occurrence of multiple sclerosis. The patients are advised to have proper rest and sleep. Some mild physical activities such as walking and swimming are recommendable to enhance control over bladder movements. To provide strength to the weak muscles of the body, massage is advised.  Perform yoga regularly. 


Suggestible home remedies for Multiple Sclerosis

Although there are not many home remedies for multiple sclerosis however some foods or other eatables may be tried to cure various symptoms of this neurological disorder. You may incorporate seafood in your diet as these help in compensating the elemental deficiencies in the body. It helps in preventing immune system to attack against its own cells and tissues. Smoking and alcohol must be strictly stopped in such patients. The patients are also advised to avoid refined flour, salt and junk food.

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