What is miscarriage?

Miscarriage is defined as a natural abortion of the fetus in a pregnancy. It may also be defined as the expulsion of a fetus even before it reaches the stage of development. The risk of miscarriage is more between third and seventh month of pregnancy. Miscarriage usually occurs when a pregnancy terminates without an evident cause before the fetus is capable of survival. Although it is a physically as well as mentally painful condition for any woman however it is considered to be a common complication of pregnancy in medical science.

What causes miscarriages?

There are multiple causes that lead to miscarriage such as intake of drugs, alcohol or even wrong smoking practices. Overuse of birth control pills, unbalanced diet, extreme mental stress, tumors or problems in the uterus, problematic chromosomes, and diabetes are some other causes for miscarriage. Sometimes growing age, hormonal problems, fre.. quent pregnancy, physical injuries, chronic illness and infections in the reproductive organs also lead to miscarriage.

Symptoms of miscarriage

The major symptom of miscarriage is bleeding from genital organs. Some other symptoms include infections, presence of bacteria or toxins in the blood, severe pain in the stomach or genital area and membrane breaking.

What ayurveda says about Miscarriage?

Due to poor digestion and unbalanced diet, the body is not able to produce high quality sperm and ovum. As a result, these remain deficient even during conception. Due to deficiency in sperm and ovum, the embryo produced by their union is also not so good in quality. Poor digestion makes the situation worse as embryo is not able to get proper nutrients for its growth. All these factors lead to miscarriage.

The ayurveda prefers making the digestive system strong by administration of herbs. At the same time, proper nourishment is assured to keep reproductive system in proper working condition.

Diet and lifestyle to prevent miscarriage

Pregnant women must pay attention to their diet for nourishment of the embryo in their wombs. Have a diet which is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and low in fat. You may consume almonds, fish, and milk products with low fat content, fruits, vegetables, salads, pulses and sprouts.

Intake of tea, coffee, alcohol and carbonated drinks must be avoided. Similarly, smoking must be avoided. Have proper rest and sleep. Yoga and meditation are advisable for pregnant women. Do not carry out any rigorous physical activity. Any mental stress should be completely avoided.

Are there any home remedies to prevent miscarriage?

You may try some effective home remedies to reduce chances of miscarriage. Taking juice of Indian Gooseberry with honey in the morning helps in prevention of miscarriage. Tea prepared from nutmeg or raspberry is equally beneficial. To deal with reproductive problems, asparagus may be taken.  To reduce chances of miscarriage, prepare a decoction of black gram by mixing with water and have it during pregnancy.

You may also take asafetida as it also helps in prevention of miscarriage. To get relief from various problems faced during pregnancy such as nausea, vomiting or any other problems, drink ginger tea. It also helps in the treatment of chronic sickness which is also one of the major causes for miscarriage.

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