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  • Package of Medicines For Menorrhagia

    Package of Medicines For Menorrhagia



All women experience blood flow from their genital organs during menstrual cycles once in a month. It is a normal condition for any female. These periods last for 3-4 days or sometimes more than that. But some females suffer from the problem of heavy and extended periods of menstrual flow at regular intervals of time. It is mostly found in females who are at their reproductive age. Although it is an uncomfortable condition for women however it is not recognized as a disease in the medical science. It is an indicative that there is some problem in the health of the concerned women.


There are multiple factors that lead to the condition of menorrhagia in women. These include excessive physical stress, anger, anxiety, day time sleeping, and mental disturbance. Even overindulgence in sexual activity, repeated abortions, feelings of lust and grief are also responsible for menorrhagia.

Some dietary .. habits are also known to cause prolonged and heavy bleeding in women. As an instance, excessive consumption of salty, sour, heavy, spicy and hot foods also leads to this condition. Similarly, alcoholic beverages and meat of domestic and fatty animals also cause menorrhagia. Digestive problems may also be one of the reasons of this condition.


Some of the common and visible symptoms of menorrhagia include fatigue, heavy loss of blood at the time of menstrual cycles, headache, constipation and tenderness in the breast. Menorhhagia is also accompanied by some other symptoms including indigestion, bleeding or spotting amid periods, general body weakness, anemia, and contractions and pain in the lower abdomen plus sacral area.

Ayurveda about Menorrhagia

Ayurveda calls menorrhagia as Raktapradar which means excessive loss of menstrual blood. It occurs due to provocation of Pitta dosha and low level of Vata Dosha. It leads to impairment of the rakta dhatu. The impure blood is passed to the pelvic area and harms the balance of Apana Vata. This Apana Vata is responsible for regulation of menstrual blood flow and hence leads to the condition of menorrhagia.

Diet & Lifestyle Advocacy to treat menorrhagia

Women who suffer from the problem of menorrhagia must be careful about their diet and lifestyle. They should not consume tea, coffee and icy cold drinks. Peppermint tea may be taken instead. Similarly, other foods which aggravate the condition must be avoided such as sour, pungent and indigestible heavy foods.

Do not carry out in strenuous physical activity. Keep your mind and body free from stress. You may also consider taking cool showers as these give relief from the symptoms of menorrhagia. Use sandalwood and mint essence for bathing. You must keep your legs and feet raised while sleeping during menstrual cycles.

Home Remedies

Prepare a tea by boiling coriander seeds and cinnamon powder in water and allow it to boil till the liquid becomes half the original quantity. Add little rock candy in powder form before drinking it. Have it two times a day to get relief from menstrual problems. It provides relief from pain and discomfort in the abdomen due to heavy blood loss.

Swami ramdev and his team of doctors have made a health pack that helps in reliving from the problem of excessive blood flow during and after menses. This is a hernal health pack and relives from all kinds of problems during that time.

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