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  • Health pack for Menopause

    Health pack for Menopause



According to medical science, menopause is not considered to be a disease. It is a natural phenomenon through which all women have to pass from 45 to 55 years of the age. In this condition, the menstrual cycles or menstrual flow comes to an end permanently. It is accompanied by decrease in the level of sex hormone named as estrogen. In simple words, menopause is an indicative of ageing process in women.


Although there are no known causes for menopause under normal conditions as it is just a natural changeover from one phase or stage of life into the other. But sometimes menopause occurs at an early stage in a woman’s life and is known as Premature Menopause. It is due to excessive smoking habits in women.

Women who live at high altitudes and those who have never been pregnant also experience menopause at an early stage. There is yet another type of menopause known as surgical menopause which .. is caused due to stimulated removal of ovaries. This type of menopause shows its sign and symptoms abruptly and severely.


Most of the women experience similar type of problems or show similar type of symptoms of menopause. These symptoms include low sex drive, heart disease, hot flashes, blood clotting, headaches and depression.

There are some other symptoms as well such as increase in body fat, salt and fluid retention, absentmindedness, low memory, night sweats, breast cancer, and lack of sleep or disturbed sleep and urinary tract infections. These symptoms affect different women in different manner.

Ayurvedic Viewpoint about Menopause

The phenomenon of menopause is associated with age in Ayurveda and is considered to be under the control of Vata dosha. Due to increase in Vata dosha, the women suffer from problems such as lack of sleep, stress and depression. Apart from this, the Pitta and Kapha doshas also get imbalanced at this stage of life and exhibit itself in the form of symptoms such as anger, hot slashes, weight gain, physical heaviness and memory problems.

To ease the symptoms of menopause, the ayurvedic system stresses on making the reproductive system strong and to regain the lost energy. It is done by administration of some effective herbs which are meant to regularize the hormonal balance in women.

Diet & Lifestyle Advocacy

Women are advised to pay attention to their diet at the menopausal stage. They must consume warm foods and drinks at proper time. Use of fennel and cumin during cooking must be increased to ease the symptoms of menopause. There must be considerable reduction in the intake of chilies, salt, spices, pickles plus sour and junk foods.

Similarly, intake of caffeinated and carbonated drinks must be reduced. Women who are in the ageing process must go to bed early at night. They must use oils including olive and almond oil to massage their body regularly. Yoga, meditation and mild exercises such as walking are also helpful in relieving stress from mind and body in this condition.

Home Remedies for menopause

Beetroot juice is quite effective in getting rid of the symptoms of menopause. Some herbs may also be taken regularly to get relief from severe symptoms of menopause. These herbs are asparagus, aloe Vera, Withania somniferous and saffron. These may be taken in the form of a concoction with milk. Similarly, Licorice proves to be quite effective as it supplies phytoestrogens to the body to regulate hormonal imbalance.

Swami ramdev have made a health pack that helps in relieving from all the symptoms of menopause and also makes body comfortable during this time.

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