Leucoderma is a disorder of the skin in human body. In other words, it is a skin disease in which the layers of the skin lose the skin pigment named as melanin slowly. Consequently, there is discoloration of the skin and white patches appear all over the body. The white patches may be found on the entire body parts such as face, genitals and even on the scalp.


The medical science is still making efforts to recognize the accurate causes for occurrence of Leucoderma in human beings. Some of the factors which are considered to be responsible for this condition are genetic factors, presence of worms of parasites in the digestive system, extreme conditions of stress, anxiety and worry and excessive intake of inconsistent foods such as milk and fish or milk and salt. Even persistent gastric problems, or enhanced liver functions are said to be responsible for Leucoderma. Injuries in the brain also sometimes l.. ead to whiteness of the skin.


The most evident and apparent symptoms which indicate towards presence of Leucoderma in human beings are appearance of white patches on the feet, face, skin, hands, lips and face etc. In the beginning, there are only small white spots which slowly develop into the white patches. Apart from this, untimely or early graying of the eyebrows, beard, eyelashes and hair of scalp is noticeable.

Ayurvedic standpoint for Leucoderma

The main causative factor in terms of ayurveda for Leucoderma is the provocation of the Pitta Dosha which represents fire in the human body. Due to its intensification and imbalance in its associate named as Bhrajak Pitta, there is discoloration of the skin which manifests in the form of white patches. It is due to accumulation of toxins in the layers of the skin.

In addition to it, there are some other body tissues such as Mansa, Rakta, Rasa Dhattu and Lasika which combined lead to the condition of Leucoderma.  The ayurvedic treatment involves restoring balance amid all these as well as treating the digestive problems to get cure of the disease.

Diet & Lifestyle suggestions

To get rid of white patches on the skin in a natural way, you must include fruits and vegetables in your diet. The vegetables must be preferably bitter in tastes such as bitter gourd and drumsticks. But heavy and sour foods must be avoided. Additionally, do not eat sesame seeds, jaggery, curd, fish plus milk and excessive salt. Drink lots of water daily and take proper rest and sleep.

Few Home Remedies

Apply mustard oil to which turmeric powder has been mixed well. Make a paste of Psoralea Corylifolia and vinegar over affected area of the skin and expose the same to early sunrays for around 15 minutes. Have ginger juice twice a day to enhance supply of blood to white patches of the skin and get rid of Leucoderma. Drinking a glass of neem juice everyday helps in clearing white patches of the skin. You may also chew raw basil leaves or have the same by preparing a decoction in water to treat leucoderma.

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