Laryngitis is a medical term used to define inflammation of the ‘voice box’ named as larynx. Vocal cords are contained in this voice box or larynx in the upper part of the neck. There are two types of laryngitis- acute and chronic. The former one is a common and short illness which leads to a rough and sore throat. The latter type is a form of unrelenting disorder which results in the production of lingering croakiness in the voice accompanied by other changes as well. Although it is painless condition however it is an irritating condition of the throat.


Some of the chief causes of chronic laryngitis include excessive use or misuse of voice and particularly in polluted or dusty atmosphere. Frequent attacks of laryngitis, blockage of the nasal pathways, breathing through mouth, drinking alcohol, gastro esophageal reflux disease and heavy smoking are some other causes of chronic laryngitis.


Loss of voic.. e, occasional cough, hoarseness in the throat and irritation in the throat are some of the chief features of chronic laryngitis. Apart from this, other symptoms which indicate occurrence of chronic laryngitis include low and rough voice, breaking voice, difficulty in swallowing, dry throat, feeling of a lump in the throat, continuous urge to clear the throat and heavy mucous in the throat.

Ayurvedic standpoint about chronic laryngitis

According to Ayurvedic perspective, chronic laryngitis occurs due to invasion of foreign elements into the body due to which the immune system is not able to let the sensitive organs such as respiratory pathways or larynx work properly. Consequently, the larynx gets inflamed and leads to changes in the voice of the patient.

Diet and Lifestyle for prevention and treatment of chronic laryngitis

Always have your meals two-three hours before going to bed. Have fresh fruits, vegetables and their juices to deal with the problem of chronic laryngitis. These foods help in supplying all the nutrients required for proper working of the vocal cords and the relevant organs. You must completely avoid spicy, oily, freed and fatty foods as these aggravate the condition.

Foods which are high in acid content such as tomato juice or sauce, orange juice and coffee must be completely avoided. Drink lots of water to keep your throat and vocal cords hydrated. Always keep your head high while sleeping to prevent acid reflux which is one of the chief causes behind chronic laryngitis. Smoking and alcohol must be completely avoided. Always breathe through your nose.

Few home remedies that work

Stay in a humid environment. Prepare a lemon tea and have it when it is still lukewarm. Take steam to clear your throat and respiratory pathway of excess mucus. You may also add mint leaves, crushed cloves and eucalyptus oil to enhance the effect of steam. Gargle frequently with saline water to get rid of throat infections.

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