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    Health Pack for Kidney Stone



Kidney stones are the small stone-like structures which are found in the kidneys of some people. These are formed due to crystallization of the waste materials and other toxins found in the urine. The size of the kidney stones may vary from very small to large. It may be as small as a pinhead or as a large as a grapefruit.

The small sized stones are excreted from body through urine but large ones block the passage of urine. Consequently, an acute pain and sometimes bleeding is experienced during urination. At times, the flow of urine is completely blocked due to large sized kidney stones.


The common causes for formation of kidney stones are extreme physical activity, improper diet and deskbound lifestyle. Deficiency of water in the body due to low water intake, excessive intake of tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages are also responsible for formation of kidney stones.

Apart from thi.. s, working for long hours in direct sunlight, suppression of natural urges such as urination and passing of stool, and intake of diet which is rich in fish, meat and poultry also lead to kidney stones. Some people suffer from the problem of kidney stones due to excessive intake of oily, sweet and heavy foods.


When a person has stones in his kidneys, an acute pain is experienced by him in the sides which spread towards the groin area and the lower abdomen. The pain is felt at the place where the kidney stones are exactly present inside the body.

Pain is accompanied by nausea, vomiting and excessive perspiration. The patient may also suffer from fever with chills. During urination, a burning sensation is felt and person feels to urinate more frequently and urgently. Even bleeding through the urinary tract is noticed sometimes.

Ayurvedic perspective about Kidney Stone

Vrukka Ashmari is the name given to kidney stones in Ayurvedic terms. The stones in kidneys are formed as a result of accumulation of the toxins which are produced due to provocation of the three doshas of the body. These toxins pass through various body channels and get settled in kidney to form the stones. The kidney stones are treated in ayurveda through the use of stone-dissolving and diuretic herbs.

Diet & Lifestyle Advice

Intake of foods which produce the risk of formation of kidney stones must be avoided. Some of these foods are sour, heavy and dry foods. Fish, chocolate, cold drinks, tea, coffee, alcohol, spinach, pickles, meat and poultry also come under this category.

To remove kidney stones naturally, drink lots of water, soups, lime water and juices. Similarly, you must consume horse gram, barley, brown rice and ginger in large quantities to get rid of kidney stones. The natural urges shouldn’t be suppressed.

Home Remedies for Kidney stones

Have a concoction of basil leaves boiled in water plus honey twice a day. It is quite effective in removal of kidney stones. Take water in which 1 or 2 figs have been boiled sufficiently. This water must be taken two times a day to remove kidney stones from the body. Another effective home remedy for kidney stones is mixture of powdered thatch grass, puncture pine, three-leaved caper tree and horse gram. This mixture must be taken with water 3-4 times daily.

Baba Ramdev has been able to formulate an herbal health pack that helps in reducing and eliminating the kidney or renal stones. It also help sin detoxification of urinary tract thus tones other organs of urinary tract.

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