Kapha dosha

What is Kapha and how it can be treated?


Kapha is mainly made up of the elements water and earth. These elements are considered to be the heaviest of all elements in the human body. People who have kapha dosha are somewhat cool and stable as compared to those who suffer from Vata or Pitta doshas.

People with a dominant kapha have a tendency to move, learn and speak slowly. But they are able to retain the gained information for longer time. They also exhibit thick body type, thick and oily skin and thick wavy hairs. They have a tendency to sleep longer and heavier.


Kapha dosha is caused due to multiple factors.  Excessive intake of milk products such as cheese, excessive intake of fats, intake of unseasonal fruits, eating food without chewing, lack of exercise, intake of snacks at night, excessive use of technology such as computers and other machines for routi.. ne works and seasonal allergies especially during spring season are some of the chief causes of  Kapha dosha.

Symptoms of Kapha dosha

Kapha dosha is exhibited by symptoms which appear in different parts of the body. These include a feeling of heaviness or exhaustion, drowsiness, depression and sleepiness.  Kapha appears in the digestive tract in the form of a feeling of fullness, excessive salivation, poor appetite, nausea and slow metabolism. Colds, coughs, runny nose, congestion in the sinuses, chest or throat are also some of the symptoms of kapha. Swollen lymph glands, lymphatic congestion, itching and weight gain also confirm presence of kapha dosha in the body.

Kapha according to Ayurveda

According to ayurveda, Kapha dosha is mainly responsible for stability and structure in the body. It helps in holding things such as muscle bones and cells together. Kapha dosha in mainly associated with childhood and growth years of a person’s life. It is also linked with padding and lubrication in the joints and bone tissues. Kapha is the most stable of the three doshas. The main function of kapha is to provide protection to the body.

Diet and Lifestyle suggestions for Kapha

To balance Kapha in the body, stick to fresh vegetable and fruit juices or pureed vegetable soup, low-fat milk and low fat-yogurt and little amount of ghee. Use raw honey to pacify kapha and related problems such as blocked sinuses, allergies, colds and lethargy. Have beans in moderate amounts to reduce kapha. Except sweet and juicy vegetables, you can have all other vegetables.  Hot ginger tea helps a lot in the treatment of kapha dosha.  Light fruits are also recommended.

Effective Home Remedies for Kapha

To have relief from Kapha, try to stay warm and avoid dampness. You can use dry heat in case you are suffering from congestion. Regular dry massage on body is greatly helpful in dealing with the problem of kapha. Use neti pot for nasal cleansing. Regular exercise, proper hygiene and warm aromas such as cinnamon, camphor, cloves etc. work wonder in providing relief from kapha.

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