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  • Health Pack For Jaundice

    Health Pack For Jaundice



Jaundice refers to a condition of the body in which the skin and the whites of eyes become yellowish. In the modern medical science, jaundice is considered to be a symptom of some other serious diseases relevant to liver. In other words, jaundice is not a disease itself but an indicative of the presence of liver disorders, gallstones, cirrhosis of liver and liver infection.


Since jaundice is an indicative of some liver diseases therefore it is mainly caused due to intake of some specific foods such as spicy, salty, alkaline, oily, penetrating and very hot foods. Apart from this, alcohol and sesame oil are also known to cause jaundice. Some other factors which result in occurrence of jaundice include excessive engagement in sexual activity, day time sleeping, suppression of the natural urges of the body and unlimited physical work. Some psychological factors are also responsible for jaundice. These incl.. ude anger, stress, lust and fear.


The most common and easily apparent symptom of jaundice is the change in the color of skin, nails, eyes and mouth. Even the color of urine and stools become dark yellow or reddish. Sometimes, the stools are white in color.

Some other symptoms which are observed during jaundice include burning sensation in the body, weakness, problems in digestion, flatulence, laziness, loss of sexual desire, excessive thirst, and loss of appetite.

Ayurvedic viewpoint about Jaundice

Ayurveda calls jaundice as Kamala. It is caused due to provocation of the Pitta which leads to impairment in the blood and the muscle tissues of the liver. As a result, the pathways of liver are obstructed and lead to change in the color of the skin and eyes. Ayurveda aims at restoring balance amid various energies of the body so as to normalize liver functions and aid in proper digestion.

Diet & Lifestyle Advocacy

To treat jaundice, foods which aggravate the condition must be completely avoided. Do not take heavy, oily, spicy or salty foods. Stick to a vegetarian diet. Prefer to eat brown rice, whole-wheat flour, potatoes, amla, radishes, grapes, dried dates, almonds, raisins and spinach. Have proper and complete body rest. Do not work under the sun or scorching heat conditions. Do not carry out any heavy physical activity or exercises.

Some Home Remedies

Drinking sugarcane juice with basil leaves paste twice a day helps in treating jaundice effectively. Similarly, consuming roasted barley powder and honey with water two times a day also helps in treating jaundice. Radish juice may be consumed with basil leaves paste two times a day for two weeks or more to completely recover from the diseased condition.

Drinking lemon juice daily also helps in treating jaundice in a natural way. Since Indian Gooseberry is a rich source of Vitamin C, therefore it paces up the recovery and treatment process for jaundice patients. Even honey can be taken with papaya leaves paste continuously for a week or two to treat jaundice effectively. Beetroot juice and lemon juice in equal quantities when taken for some days continuously help in curing jaundice successfully.

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