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  • Health pack for Hypertension/High Blood pressure

    Health pack for Hypertension/High Blood pressure


Apt Definition for Hypertension

To define hypertension in the most apt and the simplest manner, it is the increased pressure of blood in the arteries. It is also commonly known as high blood pressure. The normal pressure of blood in arteries of a person under normal body conditions is 120/80 i.e. 120 mmHg systolic and 80 mmHg diastolic. When the pressure of blood exceeds this limit in upper or lower limit, the condition is known as hypertension.

Common Causes for hypertension

There are many factors which are responsible for increase in the blood pressure. These are age, family history of the disease, diet, physical and mental activities of the person, as well as sex. Unhealthy and imbalanced diet plus inactive lifestyle are among the chief reasons for high blood pressure. 

Intake of tea, coffee, refined foods in excessive quantities also lead to increased BP. Stress, depression, anxiety and other negative.. feelings also cause the blood pressure to rise. Hypertension may also be a result of lack of activity, obesity, high-fat diet plus lack of fiber in the meals.  

The signs and symptoms of hypertension are not readily visible. However, some symptoms may be observed constantly to confirm high blood pressure. These are fatigue, dizziness, pain at the back of neck and palpitations. Regular checking up of BP levels is advised for timely diagnosis of the diseased condition.  

Hypertension in terms of Ayurvedic Viewpoint

According to ayurveda, toxins get accumulated in the body due to problems in the digestive system. These toxins get mixed with the nutrient plasma responsible for digestion. As a result, impure, heavy or sticky blood is produced which is circulated to various body parts including heart. The impurities present in this blood get deposited in arteries and lead to enhanced blood pressure.

Diet and Lifestyle instructions for hypertension

Foods which are responsible for poor or impaired digestion must be avoided. Tea, coffee, table salt, meat, eggs and pickles come under this category. On the other hand, some foods need to be enhanced in your diet plan to normalize blood pressure. These foods are Indian gooseberry, lemon, watermelon, garlic, cottage cheese, skim milk and parsley.

Apart from this, go for regular exercises which are especially helpful in controlling BP. You may carry out brisk walking, swimming, jogging and athletics. Laugh as much as possible as it helps in getting rid of stress and anxiety thereby brings down the BP level to normal.

Few Home Remedies for hypertension

Have boiled potatoes in your meals to lower down the increased blood pressure. Have 2-3 garlic cloves on an empty stomach each morning to control blood pressure. Onion juice mixed with honey when consumed once in a day continuously for some days also helps in normalizing blood pressure. Grapefruit and some stalks of celery are also good home remedies for hypertension.

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