Health Pack For Hair Loss and Premature Graying

Health Pack For Hair Loss and Premature Graying

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Hair fall and premature graying of hairs

Baba ramdev and his team of learned men have formulated an herbal combination that may prove extremely beneficial for treating hair fall and premature graying of hairs. This herbal heath pack for hair pall and premature graying has been regarded as most suitable for getting rid of hair related problems. It not only stops hair fall but also nourishes hairs and makes them health and lustrous.

What is hair fall

Hair fall or technically called alopecia is a condition in which a person loses hairs from his scalp or body that may or may not have any specific reason. There are various reasons which may be associated with hair fall. This may be autoimmune disease, infections, allergies, or deficiency in the body. If any particular part of scalp has hair fall then it is known as alopecia areata or patchy alopecia. If it occurs throughout the scalp it is called alopecia totalis and if it occurs throughout the hairs then it is called alopecia universalis.

Causes of hair fall

  1. Thyroid problems
  2. Alopecia areata
  3. Scalp infections
  4. Other skin disorders.
  5. Medications for -
  • Cancer
  • Arthritis
  • Depression
  • Heart problems
  • High blood pressure

Ingredients of Health pack by swami Ramdev for hair fall and premature graying of hairs.

  1. Amalaki rasayan – divya amalaki rasyan is one of the most favored hair fall tonic that helps in promoting hair health. It helps in balancing vata as well as pitta in the body that are the main culprit of hair fall and premature graying of hairs.
  2. Trikatu churan – Divya trikatu churan is another wonderful herbal health powder that is helpful in promoting digestion as well as absorption in the body. If proper amount of calcium and iron gets absorbed I the body then hair fall and premature graying of hairs may be restricted to many fold.
  3. Saptamrit lauh – divya sapt amrit lauh is ayurvedic derivative of mineral iron in the body that is useful in formation of proper hemoglobin in the body and helps in providing nourishment to the body.
  4. Arogya vardani vati – Divya Arogyavardani vati is an all disease single remedy medicine. It provides disease free condition in the body. It helps in stimulating the liver, the seat of metabolism in the body. It also helps in promoting hair growth and also revives hairs.
  5. Praval pishti – Divya praval pishti is a wonderful herbal supplement that is a derivative of mineral calcium. Calcium is important for hair formation.
  6. Amala churan – amla churan by divya pharmacy helps in reducing the hair fall by providing the nourishment to the body. It is very beneficial in removing gray hairs naturally.
  7. Divya kesh tailam – Divya kesh tail needs no introduction. Kesh tailam is to be applied 2 to 3 times a week regularly. It stops hair falls. Promote hair growth, improves hair texture and also removes premature graying of hairs.
  8. Ashwagandha capsules – Ashwagandha capsules are called rasayana as per ayurveda. It helps in improving body condition and provides immunity as well as strength. It also helps in removing stress that may also contribute to hair fall.

How to use this health pack?

Mix ingredients from 1 to 5 in a grinder and make it a fine powder. Now consume it ¾ tea spoon twice a day with normal water.

Amla churan is for local application. Soak about 2 – 3 tea spoon of amla churan over night in a iron container mixed with water. Next morning apply the paste of it on the scalp and remain it till it gets dry. Now wash it off with divya hair shampoo.

Apply divya kesh tail 2 to 3 times a week. The oil should be carefully massaged on the scalp in circular motion. Leave it for 2 to 3 hours and then rinse off with divya hair shampoo.

Consume 1 capsule of divya Ashwagandha capsule two times a day with water.

NoteAvoid use of chemical shampoos and other chemical based products on your scalp during use of this medicine.

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