Halitosis is a medical term used to define bad breath. It stands for foul smell coming from the mouth or even from nasal passages at times. Not only improper dental hygiene but nasal problems such as acute sinusitis are also responsible for occurrence of halitosis.  Even some problems related to digestion may also lead to the problem of bad odors coming from the mouth.

Possible causes of halitosis

Halitosis is a direct indicative of poor health condition and hygienic habits. Some of the possible causes of halitosis are dentures or bridges in the mouth, tooth decay, dry mouth, gum diseases, mouth sores, throat infection and infection of the tonsils, sinusitis, and blockage of nasal passages. Even stomach problems also cause halitosis such as chronic constipation, indigestion, intake of spicy and strong smelling foods, and Acid Reflux. Some bad habits such as smoking also lead to bad odors of mouth.


Symptoms of Halitosis

Most evident and common symptom of halitosis is the bad breath emanating from the mouth. Some other symptoms include dry mouth, whitish or yellowish film on the tongue, and bitter or sour taste in the mouth.

Ayurvedic standpoint about halitosis

As per ayurvedic viewpoint, toxins or waste materials start accumulating in the body due to problems in digestion of foods. It leads to blockage and stagnation of waste materials which are toxic in nature in the body. This leads to the problem of foul smell in the mouth.

Suggestions for diet and lifestyle to treat halitosis

You must avoid consumption of spicy and strong-smelling foods to avoid the problem of bad breath. Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins and waste materials from the body. It aids in digestion process and helps in getting rid of constipation which is also one of the chief causes behind foul smell. Drinking adequate water also helps in dealing with the problem of dry mouth. Avoid smoking completely as it produces a bad breath.

Stick to green leafy vegetables and fruits. Have salad with your meals to provide sufficient roughage to the digestive system. It helps in digestion of foods as well as evacuation of the bowels. Take green tea as it helps in eliminating bad breathing problems efficiently. Do yoga, meditation and other exercises to keep your body healthy.

Home Remedies for Halitosis

Pay attention to dental hygiene and make sure you brush your teeth before going to bed. Use a tongue-cleaner to remove plaque from your tongue. Gargling with a mouthwash is also recommendable.

Get any gum or dental diseases treated immediately otherwise your problem may become worse. Make a tea from fenugreek seeds or have water in which fenugreek seeds have been boiled. Similarly, tea prepared from cloves or parley also helps in dealing with the problem of bad breath.

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