Hair Loss and Premature Graying

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  • Health Pack For Hair Loss and Premature Graying

    Health Pack For Hair Loss and Premature Graying


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    Kesh Kanti Anti Dandruff Shampoo


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    Patanjali Amla Hair Oil


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    Patanjali Kesh Kanti Hair Oil – 120 ml


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    Patanjali Kesh Kanti Shikakai Hair Cleanser


  • Tejus coconut oil -  (Pack of 2 Bottles)

    Tejus coconut oil - (Pack of 2 Bottles)



Hair loss refers to the condition under which there is excessive hair loss. Although hairs are lost to some extent in routine life which is a normal process. It is because old hairs are replaced by new ones. But when there is excessive hair loss, the condition needs attention immediately. Premature graying refers to graying of hair in early years of life when a person is still young.


Hair loss and premature graying of hairs is mainly caused due to some mental states such as stress, depression, and anxiety. Apart from this, unlimited intake of alcohol and excessive smoking are also responsible for these two conditions of hairs. Excessive exposure to sunlight, UV radiations, dust and pollutants also lead to hair loss or graying of hair at an early age.


The most obvious symptoms of hair loss and premature graying of hairs are excessive loss of hair on combing .. and appearance of gray hairs during early years of life. Apart from this, intolerance to heat, acid stomach, nausea and excessive sweating are also indicative of hair loss.

Hair loss and premature graying from ayurvedic viewpoint

The condition of hair loss is called as Khalitya Paalitya in Ayurveda. Due to improper intake of foods such as sour, salty, fermented, spicy and fried foods, the Pitta dosha in the body starts aggravating. Intake of caffeinated drinks such as tea, coffee and alcohol lead to accumulation of pitta in the skin of scalp. It leads to hair loss and premature graying of hairs.

Diet and Lifestyle Advocacy for hair loss

To prevent hair loss and graying of hairs in a premature age, you need to pay attention to your diet. Enhance consumption of green leafy vegetables, fruits and their juices to provide complete nourishment to the hairs. You may have a juice prepared from carrot, alfalfa, lettuce and carrot plus capsicum. At the same time, avoid foods which lead to an aggravation in the pitta doasha.

Oily, spicy, and heavy foods must be avoided. Also keep away from tea, coffee, alcohol and carbonated drinks. Junk food, refined sugar and refined foods also need to be completely avoided for hair loss treatment. Don’t use any chemicals or relevant products on your hairs. Herbal shampoos and oils may be given preference. Try to avoid stress, anger, anxiety and depression. Go for walk in fresh air regularly.

Some Home Remedies

Some home remedies work wonder in the treatment and prevention of hair loss and their premature graying. Apply a mixture of buttermilk and curry leaves to the hair followed by washing with herbal shampoo after about half an hour.

Prepare oil by mixing coconut oil with amla pieces till amla pieces convert into dark brown or black color. Massage your hairs with this oil 2-3 times in a week. Consumption of equal amounts of amla seeds in powdered form and sesame seeds regularly helps in treating hair loss efficiently.

Baba Ramdev and divya pharmacy has come up with a unique hair solution that may prove extremely beneficial in making hairs to rejuvenate and healthy. This health pack is helpful in premature graying and hair fall problems.

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