Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease which leads to infection in the sexual organs of males and females. In males, the mucus membrane of the urethra is infected while in females it is the vagina which is attacked by the infection. It is an extremely communicable disease and spreads through sexual intercourse which may be oral or anal. It is mainly caused by the bacteria named neisseria gonorrhoeae. Even mouth, eyes, throat and anus get infected due to this infectious disease.

Causes of Gonorrhea

Since Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease therefore it is mainly caused due to involvement in sexual activity through mouth or anus. Other major causes of gonorrhea include multiple sex partners, sexual intercourse through anus, drug abuse, performance of oral sex with an infected person and unhealthy sexual behavior.

Identifying Gonorrhea Symptoms

The symptoms of go.. norrhea start appearing within 4-5 days of the infectious attacks. Some visible symptoms include sore throat, need to urinate more frequently, increased discharge from vagina, white or yellow discharge from penis of males, feeling of pain and burning at the time of urination and swelling and tenderness of the testicles.

Ayurveda about Gonorrhea

As stated above unprotected sex with an infected person or anal or oral sex is responsible for transmission of gonorrhea from one person to the other. It is mainly a bacterial infection which attacks immune system of the body and hence reduces its ability to fight against foreign elements entering the body.

Suitable Diet and Lifestyle for Gonorrhea

The first line of attack to treat gonorrhea is to enhance ability of body to fight against the infections. And it is possible only by making immune system of the patient strong. Fresh fruits and vegetables help in this regard to a great extent. These help in making available all the nutrients required for proper working of the immune system. Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins from the body which are again responsible for infections. Avoid spicy foods at all costs as these lead to irritation and inflammation in genital organs.

Intake of saturated fat must be reduced significantly. These are found in baked foods, dairy products which are high in fat, deep-fried foods, fatty meat sources, butter and cheese. You may also consume starch which may be obtained by having water which is left over after cooking rice. Have fruits which have low-fat and high water content. These may include grapes, oats, berries, apples, watermelon, barley etc.

Possible Home remedies for gonorrhea

Application of apple cider vinegar after mixing with simple water or with coconut oil on the vagina helps in relieving symptoms of gonorrhea. Even apple cider vinegar can be used in the form of solution mixed with water twice a day during shower.

Since garlic is a natural antibacterial and hence can be used to treat bacterial infections responsible for Gonorrhea. You may have raw garlic or use it while cooking. A paste of garlic may also be applied directly over the infected area for infections which are non-vaginal in nature. Similarly, tea tree oil when mixed with coconut oil or water may also be used to treat infections responsible for gonorrhea.

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