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  • Health Pack For Flatulence

    Health Pack For Flatulence



When a person has excessive air or gas in his/her stomach or the intestines then it leads to bloating of the organs. And this condition is known as flatulence in medical terms. Although it is a common disease free of any severe side-effects however it makes a person feel uncomfortable to pass foul smell when he/she is in the social circle. The passage of gas may be with or without noise. The most important point in this regard is that this urge shouldn’t be suppressed as it leads to many more diseases.


The major cause of flatulence is the improper digestion of foods in the small intestine. It may be due to poor digestive system or due to some other conditions including constipation or irritable bowel syndrome.

Colon cancer or Crohn’s disease are also known to cause flatulence in a person. Apart from this, intake of diet which is low in fiber content and a deskbound lifestyle may also create i.. ndigestion problems and hence flatulence. Even people who have undergone abdominal surgeries may also suffer from this problem.


The most common symptoms which indicate flatulence in a person are nausea, headache and belching, pain or heaviness in abdomen, loss of appetite and a feeling of exhaustion.

Ayurvedic View point about flatulence

Known by the name Aadhyamanin Ayurvedic language, flatulence is caused due to an imbalance in the Pitta and Vata doshas which represent fire and air respectively in the human body. Low level of Pitta dosha and intensification of Vata Dosha lead to a condition of low digestive fire and hence cause indigestion. This in turn leads to the problem of flatulence.

Diet and Lifestyle suggestions to treat flatulence

Some changes in our diet and lifestyle may help in getting rid of this embarrassing condition known as flatulence. The foremost step in this regard is to eat fresh, warm and easily digestible foods only. Have food only when you feel hungry and eat it in a relaxed manner by chewing well. Don’t indulge in over-eating.

Avoid eating rice at night. Also avoid raw foods, sprouted beans and raw salads in your diet. Never go for tea, coffee, fermented foods, aerated drinks or alcoholic drinks at night. Brown rice and whole wheat are good in this regard. Also use celery seeds, cumin seeds, cardamom and asafetida while cooking. Go for regular exercises and keep your body active.

Some Home Remedies also work

Powder of roasted cumin seeds and dried ginger root added to buttermilk with black salt help in relieving gas instantly. Even powder of roasted cumin seeds, celery seeds, black salt and dried ginger root may be taken with lukewarm water twice a day. Similarly, asafetida when combined with purified butter, celery seeds, black salt and when consumed with lukewarm water 2-3 times a day gives great relief from flatulence.

Baba ramdev has been able to formulate an herbal combination that has proved to be effective in eliminating the gas and flatulence problem from the body. This herbal health pack for flatulence created by baba ramdev is also helpful in eliminating the constipation problem that is the root cause of gas and flatulence problem.

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