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  • Health Pack For Fatigue

    Health Pack For Fatigue



Fatigue refers to the condition in which a person feels tired or completely exhausted and also complains of lack of energy in his body. Over work, improper sleep or lack of rest combined with stress, mental or physical illness and medication may lead to stimulation of fatigue. It may even indicate presence of some serious illness which may be physiological or psychological in nature in some cases.


As mentioned-above, fatigue is triggered by multiple factors including malnutrition, lack of rest and sleep, overuse of alcohol, and GERD or Peptic ulcer disease. Some endocrinal disorders including high or low blood sugar, gastrointestinal disorders, high or low thyroid or even gastro esophageal reflux is also responsible for fatigue.

Psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, depression and such other mental states also lead to a feeling of fatigue. Lack of activity or too much physical exerti.. on is also stimulant of fatigue. Even some medications such as those for blood pressure or heart attacks also lead to fatigued condition.



Fatigue may be diagnosed by taking some common symptoms into consideration such as lightheadedness, shortness of breath, lack of energy, feeling of tiredness, rapid heartbeats or a feeling of being fainted.

Ayurvedic theory about fatigue

The imbalance in the three chief doshas in the human body including vata, pitta and kapha doshas lead to the fatigued condition. This imbalance leads to abnormal functioning of different organs of body as well as the three aspects of human body i.e. physical, mental and emotional. As a result, a person feels fatigued.

Some digestion related problems also lead to accumulation of waste materials in the body due to which all the organs of body get affected negatively. It is again due to imbalance of the three doshas in the body. This in turn gives rise to fatigue.

Diet and Lifestyle instructions

To deal with the problem of fatigue, include whole foods and pure foods in your diet. Have warm water or herbal tea during or after a meal. Avoid spicy foods. Remain in your physical limits when carrying out any type of physical activity or even exercise. Deep breathing exercises and yoga help to a great extent in this regard.

Few effective Home Remedies for fatigue

Drink juice prepared by combining cucumber, carrot and beetroot to get instant relief from fatigue. To get back your lost energy so as to fight with fatigue, take ashwagandha with warm water or milk regularly. It is a great home remedy for fatigue. Another effective home remedy to rejuvenate your body is to consume 4-5 dates with lukewarm milk daily. It gives instant energy to the body.

Baba ramdev and his learned scholars at divya pharmacy has created a wonderful herbal formulation that helps in reducing fatigue and makes you active always. This herbal health pack by swami ramdev is a mixture of some precious ayurvedic herbs and herbo-mineral ingredients that will enrich body with energy and rectifies fatigue problems.

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