Esophageal Hiatus Hernia


Esophageal Hiatus Hernia which is commonly known as Hiatus Hernia is a physical disorder which is mostly found in women in middle age or old age. In this condition, the muscle tissue which surrounds an opening named as hiatus in the diaphragm of the stomach becomes weak. Consequently, the upper part of the stomach projects through hiatus and into the chest cavity.

The contents present in the stomach move back into the esophagus. When a patient suffers from hiatus hernia, the opening of the esophageal hiatus becomes extra-ordinary large. It gives rise to some problems such as chest pain, belching, heartburn and acid reflux.


Some of the common causes of hiatus hernia are intake of spicy and sour foods. Obesity and over-eating are also responsible for this condition to great extent. Even some psychological factors also cause hiatus hernia. These include tension, anger, stress, fear and anxiety.<.. /p>

Symptoms of hiatus hernia

The condition of hiatus hernia is indicated by multiple symptoms including stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and indigestion. Additionally, extreme and radiating pain in chest, difficulty in swallowing, heartburn and acid reflux also indicate the occurrence of hiatus hernia in a person.

Ayurvedic standpoint about hiatus hernia

Hiatus Hernia is known as vidagajrina in Ayurveda and is caused due to imbalance in various body energies. It may be due to weakening of various systems and organs of the body in advancing age. It may even lead to very painful ulcers. The main aim of ayurvedic treatment in regard to hiatus hernia is at restoring back the balance in various energies of the body. It also aims at making digestive system healthy and in good working condition.

Diet and Lifestyle for Hiatus Hernia

It is always advisable to have small meals frequently instead of larger meals. Abstain from smoking, caffeinated drinks and alcohol to keep your stomach free from severe diseased conditions such as hiatus hernia. Avoid spicy and fried foods completely as these aggravate the condition. Include fruits and vegetables in your meals regularly.

Apple is considered to be the best fruit in dealing with any problems relevant to stomach and hiatus hernia as well. Take honey regularly by mixing it in water to reduce inflammation of the lining of stomach. Perform regular exercises and have proper rest and sleep to ensure proper working of all system of body including digestive system.

Some home remedies for hiatus hernia

Have a glass of aloe Vera juice prior to each meal to get rid of symptoms of hiatus hernia. It aids in digestion and makes digestive system strong. You may even consume bitter aloes which is extracted from the base of aloe leaves in the form of a yellow sap. It is a rich source of anthraquinones and gives relief from various digestive disorders. Keep your weight under control as it is also one of chief causes of hiatus hernia. Have your meal 3-4 hours before going to bed. Keep your head raised while sleeping to prevent acid reflux. Wear lose clothes to remain comfortable and prevent pressure on the stomach.

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