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  • Health Pack For Epistaxis

    Health Pack For Epistaxis



Also known as nose bleeding or hemorrhage, epsitaxis refers to a condition when blood starts coming out of the nose of a person. This condition is mostly found in children but adults may also suffer from it under some specific circumstances. Although it makes a person scared at once due to sudden bleeding from the nose but it is not at all dangerous and can be treated by using first aid measures. Due to infection of the mucous membrane in the nose, the dryness of nose is lost which results in bleeding.  This bleeding stops after few minutes.

Common reasons for Epistaxis or nose bleeding

Nose bleeding may be triggered by various factors such as an injury to the nose, picking of the nose, some infections including cold and flu and due to some allergies in the nose. Dryness of the nose and nasal infections or tumors in the nasal passage is also responsible for nose bleeding.


The most apparent symptoms of nose bleed or epistaxis is the blood coming out from the nose irrelevant of the reason behind it. A feeling of inflammation may be experienced in the nose just before it.

Ayurvedic viewpoint about Epistaxis

According to ayurveda, increase in the body heat leads to nose bleeding. Apart from this, sudden rise in blood pressure also leads to nose bleeding. Consumption of hot and spicy foods is also a contributing factor for epistaxis. Consumption of alcohol in excess quantities disturbs the digestive system and leads to increase in body heat and it is exhibited in the form of nose bleeding at times.  Ayurvedic treatment of epistaxis involves use of herbal formulas so that it may heal the bleeding from nose internally as well as externally.

Diet and lifestyle for nose bleeding

When a person suffers from epistaxis, the person must avoid hot and spicy foods. Cold foods are preferred in this case. Recurrent spells of nose bleeding may be prevented by keeping body heat under control and also through yoga poses and meditation. It helps in stabilizing all the systems and organs of body and hence prevents problems such as epistaxis. Always remain hydrated by drinking plenty of water regularly.

Home remedies for epistaxis

In case, you suffer from nose bleeding, lie back with something to stop it. You can even inhale it so as to control the bleeding. Applying a wet towel over your forehead helps in stopping nose bleeding instantly. Introduction of a drop of lemon juice in each nostril is equally beneficial. Stay cool in hot weather conditions by having cool liquids and fruit juices.

Swami Ramdev has devised a herbal formulation that may prove super effective in tackling epistexis and hemorrhage problems. This comes in the form of a health pack.

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