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  • Health Pack For Epilepsies

    Health Pack For Epilepsies


Definition of Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a disorder of the nervous system. In this condition, the patient has an inclination to suffer from attacks or hysterics or fits of laughter as a result of abnormal electrical activity of the brain. Even a newborn child may show signs of epilepsy as a consequence of the problems suffered at the time of delivery.

For more information, there are numerous neurons in the brain which interact with each other via electrical signals. Any deviation or deformity in the production of electrical signals or the paths of transmission gives rise to attacks of epilepsy.

Causes of Epilepsy

Epilepsy may be caused by tumors, head injury or infections of the brain and disturbances in the digestive system. Low blood pressure and deficiency of some minerals such as magnesium and calcium also lead to epileptic attacks. Use of alcohol, lead poisoning and drug abuse are also some causative factors f.. or epilepsy.

Symptoms of Epilepsy

Some of the common symptoms of Epilepsy include trembling or contraction of the eyes and loss of muscle control due to stiffness of some muscles. This in turn results in loss of balance and loss of consciousness as well. Sometimes, the patients also suffer from lose bladder and bowel control at the time of epileptic attack. Although the patient may get recovered from the attack immediately however he has no remembrance of the symptoms.

Ayurveda about Epilepsy

The main line of attack of ayurvedic treatment is to make the heart and nervous system of the patient strong. It is done by using effective herbs along with balanced diet and active lifestyle.

Advice for diet and lifestyle for epileptic attacks

For proper functioning of nervous system and other associated body parts, it is quite essential to have a balanced diet which has all the nutrients required for proper nourishment of brain cells. It helps in prevention of epileptic attacks.

Yoga and meditation help in reducing stress which is the chief causative agent for epilepsy. By regular performance of yoga, the endorphins hormones are released in sufficient quantities to make the working of all parts of brain normal and regular. Avoid smoking and alcohol completely as these interfere with brain functions.

Home Remedies for Epilepsy

You may consume garlic cloves with milk to prevent attacks of epilepsy. You may even extract garlic juice to be consumed with milk. Juice of ash gourd juice when taken along with licorice root powder plus sugar helps in making the chemical balance of the brain normal and regular. You may even control epileptic attacks by consuming Brahmi herb with water.

Swami Ramdev after extensively undergoing all the ancient ayurvedic texts in details has discovered a secret formulation that might prove helpful in eradicating the problem called epilepsy. Health pack for epilepsy may prove boon for patients having epileptic attacks.

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