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  • Health Pack For Dysphagia

    Health Pack For Dysphagia


Definition of Dysphagia

Dysphagia is a disorder of the esophagus which results in malfunctioning of this organ. As a result, the person suffers from the problem in swallowing or chewing food. It is to be noted that esophagus is the pathway between mouth and the stomach. Any problem or dysfunction of the esophagus leads to problems in swallowing or chewing of the food.


Dysphagia may be caused by multiple disorders such as inflammation of the tonsils, larynx or stomatitis. Additionally, dysphagia may also be produced by goiter, neuromuscular disorders, cancer of the head or neck and stroke. Apart from this, it is also caused in patients who suffer from head injury, smoking, and use of certain medicines, poor dental conditions and excessive intake of alcohol.

Symptoms of Dysphagia

The most common and evident sign or symptom of dysphagia is difficulty in chewing or swallowing of t.. he food. Some other symptoms which are apparent in dysphagia are choking due to leakage of saliva into the lungs, breathing in food, coughing, and reiteration of liquid through nose. The patients also suffer from weight loss and weakness of voice, pressure and pain in the chest, sore throat, persistent heart burn and belching.

What ayurveda says about Dysphagia?

The ayurvedic standpoint about dysphagia states that it is caused by blockage in the subtle channels of the body. The toxins get accumulated in the body due to improper digestion of the food as a result of low metabolic fire. The toxins thus produced are deposited in various channels of the body and lead to impaired functions. In ayurveda, the stress is laid on cleansing the body to get rid of toxins to aid in proper working of all body parts and organs including digestive system as well.

Diet and Lifestyle for Dysphagia

To treat dysphagia, there are no restrictions or preferences as far as intake of foods are concerned. The patient just needs to have foods which are easily swallowed as well as digested by him. But one thing is quite important that the patient must have a balanced and nutritional diet. Go for exercises particularly meant for stimulation of the nerves that have a vital role in swallowing of the food. Keeping head in the most apt position to swallow food easily is also advised.

Home Remedies for Dysphagia

Have herbal teas to clear the esophagus and treat dysphagia.  Licorice helps in reducing swelling and the spasms and helps in providing relief from gastrointestinal disturbances.

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