Divya Patanjali Shatavari Churna

Divya Patanjali Shatavari Churna

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Divya Shatavri Chooran 

Divya Shatavri Chooran is a wonderful herbal formula which is apt in treatment of multiple health problems associated with females’ body. Enriched with the goodness of Shatavar aspargus root which is apt in treating multiple disorders related to the women’s body, it promotes overall good health for females. It is rich in various supplements or nutrients required for proper functioning of various body parts and   organs and especially those related to the sexual or reproductive system. It is a wonderful formula which is especially recommended during pregnancy and after child birth as it helps in improving the supply of breast milk. Women who suffer from problems in breast feeding their new-borns are advised to use this herbal remedy to get rid of the concerned problems.


As signified by the name, this herbal remedy has been prepared from the Shatavar Aspargus root.  It is also called as racemosus in botanical science and is rich in such properties which are very much helpful in promoting overall health of women.

Mode of administration

  • Divya Shatavri Chooran offers best results when it is used on regular basis along with lukewarm water or milk. Women suffering from different types of health problems may take 1-2 teaspoons of this herbal remedy twice a day.


  • Divya Shatavri Chooran is very good and recommendable for such women who suffer from physical weakness due to any reasons. It helps in supplying all the nutrients required for proper working of different parts of the body and particularly the reproductive organs.     
  • Similarly, women who have low body immunity may also use this formula so as to improve body immunity and combat infectious diseases in a better manner.
  • Regular use of this herbal remedy by nursing mothers helps in increasing supply of breast milk. It helps in promoting good health of both the mother and the child.
  • Infertility caused due to   any reasons is also well-treated with the use of Divya Shatavri Chooran. It helps in promoting normal and optimal working of the sexual organs and the reproductive organs so that these may take active part in the reproductive process. It also brings about balance amid various hormones responsible for sexual and reproductive activity and hence promotes their normal functions.
  • Women who are advancing towards menopause or have already reached this stage are also benefitted with the help of Divya Shatavri Chooran. It helps in passing through this difficult phase of life in an easy manner without facing much physical problems. Various symptoms of menopause such as mood swings, irritability, nausea, general body weakness etc. are  also soothed or calmed down with the help of Divya Shatavri Chooran 
  • Women who suffer from lack of sexual desire may also use this amazing herbal formula as it helps in enhancing sexual desire so that both the partners may enjoy this physical activity fully well.   
  • Frequent miscarriages, abortions or complications in pregnancy are some of the common problems which are well-treated provided Divya Shatavri Chooran is used on regular basis.
  • Apart from this, Divya Shatavri Chooran also promotes good health of digestives system and treats various digestive disorders efficiently.

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