Divya Falghrit for Natural Fertility Treatments

Divya Falghrit for Natural Fertility Treatments

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Natural Fertility treatment with Divya Falghrit    

Infertility may occur in females due to multiple reasons.  Some of the chief reasons for infertility are absence of menstrual cycles, imbalance of sexual hormones, and complete absence of sexual hormones or irregular menstrual periods. All these reasons interfere with the natural fertility process in females and hence make women incapable of reproducing. At the same time, it is also true that reproduction is an important phenomenon of women’s life. To help such women who suffer from any type sexual problems, Divya pharmacy of Baba Ramdev Ji has prepared a wonderful herbal formulation known as Divya Falghrit that helps in treating the condition of infertility in a completely natural way. Not only infertility but this product is apt at treating other sexual problems also, relevant to females.

What are the major benefits of Divya Falghrit?

  • Infertility Treatment- Divya Falghrit is apt at treating the condition of infertility in women in a completely natural way. It is due to ayurvedic or organic nature of the ingredients being used to manufacture this great product to help millions of women.
  • Cures Vaginitis- Divya Falghrit is also capable of treating the problem of vaginitis in females due to herbal nature of the product.
  • Treatment of pregnancy disorders- By balancing the sexual hormones, Divya Falghrit helps in treatment as well as prevention of pregnancy relevant disorders also. It helps in safe delivery of the baby by prevention of conditions such as abortion and miscarriage.
  • Treats seminal disorders- Divya Falghrit is also apt in the treatment of seminal disorders. It may be taken by those who suffer from seminal problems.
  • Aids in the delivery process- Divya Falghrit also helps in easy and safe delivery of the baby by making the muscles of uterus strong. It provides deep nourishment to the uterine muscles and hence helps in easing the labor pains during delivery.
  • Prevents fatigue- Divya Falghrit is also helpful in prevention of the fatigue experienced by many women during menstrual cycles and pregnancy.
  • Safe to use- Due to herbal nature of the product, Divya Falghrit is quite safe to be used by women even during pregnancy. It doesn’t cause any side-effects or health hazards.
  • Boosts immunity- Divya Falghrit is good for the immune system as well. It makes immune system strong and hence makes body capable of fighting against various infectious diseases.

How to use Divya Falghrit?

A spoon of Divya Falghrit may be consumed regularly to get the desired results.

Special instructions for women

  • Drink plenty of water- Women should take plenty of water regularly to flush out toxic and chemical substances from their body. 
  • Fruits and vegetables- To keep their bodies energized and enhance immunity; women should consume fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables daily.
  • Foods to be avoided- Women should avoid certain foods such as junk foods, preserved foods, caffeinated drinks such as tea, coffee and alcohol. Also spicy foods should not be consumed during menstruation and pregnancy as these interfere with the normal processes of the body.
  • Gentle exercises and meditation- Women should carry out gentle exercises and meditation regularly to keep their body and mind in normal working order.


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