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  • Health Pack For High Cholesterol Problem

    Health Pack For High Cholesterol Problem


Explanation of High Cholesterol

A person is said to be suffering from the problem of high cholesterol if the level of fat known as cholesterol is found in more than required quantities in the body. It is to be noted that cholesterol is a type of fat which is an important component of blood. It is found in small quantities in blood under normal body conditions. Presence of excess quantities of cholesterol even leads to serious health hazards such as coronary blockage.

Causes of High Blood Cholesterol

Some of the common reasons due to which cholesterol level rises in the body are dependence on high fat diet, certain diseases including kidney disease, hypothyroidism, diabetes and liver disease. Some other factors which are also responsible for high blood cholesterol include unlimited smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol plus stress, pressure of work and the genetic factors. Obesity is also one of chief reasons for ris.. e in cholesterol level in the body.

Symptoms of High Cholesterol

The high level of cholesterol is indicated by the experience of fatigue by a person, pain and feeling of heaviness in the chest, breathlessness and excessive sweating plus feeling of uneasiness.

Ayurvedic standpoint about high cholesterol

As far as ayurvedic treatment plan is concerned, it stresses on removal of toxins and mucus from the subtle channels of the body so as to renovate the digestive fire for its proper functioning.

Natural treatment through home remedies for high cholesterol

To lower down the raised cholesterol level in the body, have lime juice mixed with honey in a cup of warm water each morning. Prepare a concoction by boiling dry coriander seeds in water and taking it twice a day also helps in lowering cholesterol.

Drinking water to which methi powder has been added on an empty stomach continuously for a month gives relief from the symptoms of high cholesterol. Onion juice also helps on cleansing of the blood and in reducing cholesterol level. Fenugreek seeds also help in lowering high cholesterol level to great extent.

Diet and lifestyle recommendations for High Cholesterol

To get rid of high cholesterol condition, you must first follow a healthy lifestyle which includes reduction in the weight and performance of physical exercises. Prefer low fat diet to keep cholesterol level under control. Meat, smoking and alcohol must be completely avoided. Have lots of water regularly to flush out toxins from the body.

Your diet must be rich in fiber and roughage. Fatty products such as ghee, cream, cheese, butter and cakes must be avoided. Similarly, white flour, sugar, biscuits, ice cream and pastries must also be avoided. Instead of other cooking oils, prefer to use safflower and sunflower oil for cooking. Have lecithin rich diets such as vegetable oils, soyabeans, egg yolk, unpasteurized milk and wholegrain cereals to prevent deposition of cholesterol along the walls of veins and arteries.

Baba Ramdev and his team of doctors were able to evolve a herbal combination that might prove extremely beneficial in treating high cholesterol problem. This herbal formulation is based on ayurveda and has been clinically tested. These herbal formulations are 100 % safe and can be consumed by anyone who has high cholesterol problem.

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