Anxiety disorders

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Anxiety disorder is a condition of human body in which the patient suffers from serious mental illness. The affect of such type of fear, worry or anxiety is so serious that it starts interfering with normal life of a person. The term anxiety disorders includes vast range of physical disorders including post-traumatic disorders, panic disorder, certain phobias, social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder etc. Anxiety to some extent is permissible and is considered to be a normal condition. However, it becomes a matter of concern when it starts affecting other aspects of life in a negative manner.


There is no known cause of anxiety disorders. It is caused due to multiple factors which combined or even separately result in anxiety disorders. These may include changes in the brain and environmental stress. Some other causes include family history of the said condition, life experiences, brain chemistry, chemical imbalances in.. the body, and trauma.

Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders

Although symptoms of anxiety disorder vary from person to person but some common symptoms are found in all the cases. These include nightmares, panic feelings, uneasiness, fear, obsessive thoughts, sleeping problems, cold or sweaty hands or feet, inability to remain cool and stable, nausea, dryness of mouth, muscle tension, numbness in the hands and feet.

Ayurveda about Anxiety Disorders

According to ayurveda and Swami ramdev, Anxiety Disorder is mostly caused due to enhanced prana vata. It is noteworthy that Prana Vata is an associate of Vata Dosha. It is mainly responsible for anxiety, depression, worry and feelings of fear and uneasiness. Due to increase in prana vata, the nervous system becomes weak and leads to mental disturbance.

Diet and Lifestyle advice

Some specific teas such as those prepared from lavender, blossoms, orange, cloves, chamomile, thyme etc. help in reducing tension in the brain. Apart from this, foods such as beef, whole wheat bread, turkey, salmon and Greek Yogurt are known to reduce tension and hence deal with the problem of anxiety disorders.

Foods rich in calcium, Vitamin B-complex, and magnesium also help in treating anxiety disorders. Drink plenty of water to reduce tension in the brain. Carry out exercises regularly. Deep breathing is also recommended.

Home Remedies

Some home remedies really work wonder in the treatment of anxiety disorders. Some aromatic oils help in ensuring physical and psychological wellness and hence aromatherapy is suggested to treat anxiety disorders. You must limit your consumption of caffeine and hence reduce intake of tea, coffee, coca cola, chocolate and other products rich in caffeine.

Similarly, you must avoid sugars which have high content of refined sugars. At the same time, intake of artificial sweeteners must also be reduced. Have proper sleep and rest. To get instant relief from the symptoms of anxiety disorders, you may try listening to music while having a warm bath.

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